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Re: manobodhaH - 12 (fwd)

From: Shree (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 20:28:23 PST

        "Sundararajan, Iyengar S" <>

Hi shree

Guruji had written to me once that the only reason for all worries and 
frustrations is self centeredness. If we are able to think about others 
more rather than about ourselves then we would find that our worries 

Turiyaananda in his letters to his disciples often says the the only way 
to get rid of worries and grief and misery is to think ardently of the 
lord. He often quotes Lord Krishna in the Gita where he advises arjuna :

"Having come into this transient world worship me"

This is the lords own injunction for getting rid of worries. 

Let us look at it like this. When we were infants our toys were the most 
interesting thing in the entire world and we were totally engrossed in 
them. Then came a time when we grew up a little and we were given a 
tricycle. Now this became the most important thing in the world and 
nothing could drag us away from it, so much so that even our food had to 
be fed to us when we were riding the tricycle. The toys now were no 
longer as important.

Then we were given a cycle and the tricyle became reduntant. We were 
eager to ride the bike to school and to our friends place and everywhere.

Then came a bike and then a car. At each stage we got engrossed in the 
new enjoyment presented to us which was higher than the previous one.

The previous enjoyment did not have to be given up, it fell off 
automatically. The concept that we get out of this is that having grabbed 
hold of the higher, no effort is required to drop the lower. 

This has happened to us when we started to come to the satsangh. Having 
come in all our parties on Thursdays and Saturdays went for a toss. We 
were no more invited to them because people were convinced that we would 
not come to them. This was not a difficult thing to "give up", rather we 
never had to go thru the process of "giving up", having got a higher 
ideal the lower automatically fell off.

Take a look at the world which is filled with "Anityam" (impermanence) 
and "Asukham" (misery) and the lord says "transient world" constantly in 
a state of flux and change.

Take a look at the lord. In the purusha sookta it is said that the entire 
creation is a manifestation of but one fourth of the lord while the 
balance three fourth is still pure amritha. So we are looking at the Sat 
- Chit - Ananda which will never end.

Given a choice we should obviously be ready to do service at his feet and 
cultivate deep devotion to the lord so that we do not have to "give up" 
this world which sometimes gives us happiness but at other times makes us 

so let us work towards making "An empty mind the lord's workshop"..

Shree do thank Sunder for  the wonderful work being done by him for 
translations without which we would not have been able to mull over 
anything or see with clarity why devotion to the lord is supremely 
essential in this world.