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Thiruvaaimozhi 3.9- Aranganaip paadum vaayaal oru kuranganaip paada maattEn!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 19:03:48 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr, in this decad of Thiruvaaimozhi 3.9, advises us, the materialist 
and the "earthly" persons NOT TO SING IN PRAISE OF ANY OTHER PERSON 
except Emperumaan, Sriman Narayanan. He calls all samsaaris and tries to 
correct them by telling "When the Athman is His servant and is His 
Property, please do not let yourself talk and praise other non-permanent 
people. He also feels extremely happy about himself and his fortunate 
birth for being blessed with the capacity to sing in praise of the Lord 
Sriman Narayanan amongst other persons in this world (like us) who have 
totally forgotten the Emperumaan and have been singing and praising the 
Non-permanent people and the transitory material things. (Read them as 
it is most appropriately applicable to each one of us!)

1.  sonnaal virOdham idhu.. aaghilum solluvan kENminO? ... AzhWar 
says.." I know you will not relish and you will consider me as your 
enemy for saying these things, Oh Guys! All of you have been running 
after material pursuits; This may not be palatable to you. But, having 
known that you are going to ultimately lose it and I can not bear to see 
that, I am saying this: that is : Donít sing about anyone else except 
Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan. I will offer my poems to only Him, who is 
the unbounded limitless Bliss. With my tongue, I will NOT sing anyone 
else. My Emperumaan, who is like the Big Elephant at TirumalA is My dear 
Father; To Him only, I will offer my Sweet poems and no one else"; 

2.  When My Father, Emperumaan is so gracefully showing Himself, will I 
leave Him? Is there any use in singing some Tom, Dick and Mary who 
consider themselves as the Most wealthiest person in the world? (No. ) 
Hence, Sing in praise of the Most Truthful Lord of Titukkurungudi, My 
Father. He shows Himself so gorgeously at Tirukkurungudi. Please do not 
sing anyone else. 

3.  Oh Poets! Why should we sing poems on  others when there is the Lord 
of dEvAs, My Emperumaan? He is the Only One who is capable of offering 
us the means and the end to reach Him and the Parama Padha anubhavam for 
all times. Leaving Such a Glorious paramAthmA, the Supreme Lord, is 
there any value, use in singing the lowest, small, tiny, non-permanent, 
evanescent human beings? No use absolutely.

4.  Oh Poets, How many days are going to survive with the benefits you 
get by singing in praise of the evanescent, non-permanent human beings? 
Do you think really for the value for your excellent poetic skills and 
knowledge, what you get is adequate? (azhwAr is desperately trying to 
convince us!) If you sing in praise of the Chief of NitysUris, He will 
make you perfectly fit for servitude eternally; He will offer you all 
the qualities of His; then, He will also you get rid of these cruel 
disease of births and deaths and remove the samsaaric ills. He will 
protect you from the present lowly, useless life of singing under the 
feet of a stupid, human being. (Swami Desikanís VairAghya Panchakam also 
reflects the same subject)

5.  Please do not sing those merciless, human beings; Oh Poets! When you 
sing in praise of them, then only will the rot, mud, shits and worms 
about them will come to surface in you mind. You will see all their 
faults and ill qualities; Hence, sing in praise of MaNivaNNan. He is the 
Only One, capable of being praised and has got no faults; no blemishes; 
full of Most Auspicious, Superb, Divine qualities; HE CAN GIVE AND GRANT 
DESIRE FOR).  He is the Faultless VaLLal. Please come to sing poems in 
praise of Him.

6.  Oh Poets! If you guys say that and claim that you all are singing 
for you survival and for filling your stomachs; then sorry, you are 
mistaken. It is rather much better to work, slog physically, do physical 
work (like a porter or an engineer? like us) than to sing in praise like 
a sycophant of some low, human being. Go ahead and learn some craft work 
and earn and stop singing in praise of human beings. (AzhwAr is totally 
frustrated at the sight of sycophants). There is no rich person in the 
world; He is the Richest one in the world; (and the rich one belongs to 
us-naasthi pithraarjitham kinchith na mayaa kinchithaarjitham ! hasthi 
mE hasthi sailaagrE vasthu paithaamaham dhanam !!- Swami Desikanís 
VairAghya Panchakam);  Hence sing in praise of your ishta deivam (any 
demi God), they will ultimately reach My Thirumaal Sriman Narayanan. 
They will go to the Sriya: pathih, the Most illustrious Shining Sriman 
Narayanan. (as also mentioned to ArjunA by KrishNa in Bhagavadh GitA). 

7.  can you think of singing in praise of someone whose value is even 
lower than the straw in the street ( I remember Sri Mukkur Lakshmi 
NrsimhAchAriarís RamayaNa upanyaasam that I heard way back in 70ís 
during my school days at Madras- where he had mentioned about 
SitAppiraatti throwing a strand of dharbham and talks to that and 
compares rAvaNa even lower than that in front of rAvaNa at asOka vanam - 
"thruNa manthara radham kruthvaa?- I am not sure of these words in 
Sanskrit- sorry). Please do not tell blatant lies in your praising them 
calling them as "the one whose hands are like the Most merciful clouds; 
whose shoulders are like mountains;" - like that I can Not talk to those 
stupids (aRpa padhar). I will only sing in praise of Emperumaanís most 
merciful glances and benefactions. I AM NOT CAPABLE OF SINGING IN PRAISE 
OF OTHERS except MY EMPERUMAAN who has got unparalleled 1000 names; 
(azhWar is happy that he at least does not fall suit and sing in praise 
of others).

8.  The evanescent ones- human beings, non-permanent ones- about these 
beings, I will not sing with my mouth. Emperumaan has the Most 
unbounded, limitless, Most ausipcious kalyANa guNAs. He is the master 
and the beloved of Nappinnai, the one who has the most beautiful 
shoulders like the bamboo stick. I will spend all my rest of the days 
singing in praise of that Lord. I will keep on singing His praise and 
Glories until my body falls down to the earth. I desire only for 
entering into His Lotus Feet. (there used to be a tamil film song (in 
the fifties): appanaip paadum vaayaal oru subbhanai paaduvEnO?; 
aranganaip paadum vaayaal oru kuranganaip paada maattEn- singer? Film?- 
I donít know)

9.  I am not the one for singing human beings and I have not come here 
for that. I will sing only Emperumaan. He is only one who, by His own 
grace, has become the subject of my pAsurams, who has the Most Strongest 
weapon the Divine chakrA. He is the one who granted me the Most 
limitless Bliss, the pErAnandham in this world by making me sing about 
Him and is also capable of granting me to see and enjoy the 
mOkshAnubhavam. I will sing only Him, who grants me the Eternal 
Servitude to Him at Sri Vaikuntam. I am not for singing about others and 
His Property. (what an ultimate statement of all that we talk about 
swaya, bhara, pala samarppaNam!)  

10.  Athman, the jeevan has been suffering since time immemorial, 
staying in these physical bodies and undergoing sorrows and pleasures; 
Emperumaan has been the only redemption for us to get out of these 
births; I will not sing in praise of others except My Emperumaan; Such a 
quality (of singing in praise of others) will never befit me at any 

11.  About KaNNan, the Chief and Swami of NitysUris, Thirukkurugoor 
SadgOpan has sung 1000 pAsuams; Out of those 1000, those who can read 

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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