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Sri Bhu Sthuthi Part 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 17:54:34 PST

Dar BhakthAs of Sri Bhu Devi SamEtha 
Sri Oppiliappan :

We will now cover the individual slOkAs
of the eulogy of Swami Desikan on BhU PirAtti 
of ThiruviNNagar Divya Desam .

Yaj~na VarAha dayithai is BHU PirAtti

This slOkam salutes BhUmi Devi as the consort
of Yaj~na VarAha PerumAn .She later incasrnated 
as SitA Piratti and ANDAL , when the earth
was ploughed by King JanakA and PeriyAzhwAr 
respectively in different yugAs . 

She incarnated at ThiruviNNagar ( TuLasi Vanam )
as the beautiful child under a TuLasi plant .
Sage MarkandEya picked up the lovely child and 
raised as his daughter and gave her away in 
marriage to ThiruviNNagarAn . 

In one of the previous yugAs , an asuran 
by the name of HiranyAkshan stole Her and 
hid under the ocaean to escape the wrath of 
Her Lord . Sriman NaarAyaNA took the form of 
a gigantic VarAham and entered the ocean ,
sought after the cowardly HiraNyksahan ,
destroyed him in battle and recovered HIs
dear Consort . The VarAha PerumAn's svarUpam
is the embodiment of Yaj~nams and is the most 
sacred . He has taken a kapata VarAha rUpam
saluted by Swami Desikan in the DasAvathAra
sthOthram as " guhanA pOthri " . The magnificent 
Veda Dhvani arising out of the nostrils of that
Kapata VarAhan joyously lifting His consort
( BhU VarAha Mahishee )on His tusk is saluted by 
Swami Desikan as purifying all the worlds 
(Pavithreekrutha BrahManda : ) . The PraLaya 
kaal samudhram is like a little ditch under his 
feet . There He holds His consort (DharaNI )
as DharaNIdharan and blesses us all in that 
happy frame of mind . 

Srimadh BhAgavatham's & Sri NaarAyaNa-
Bhattadhiri's salutation to Yaj~na VarAhan :

At the end of destruction of the offending 
HiraNyAkshan , BhU VarAhan gave the darsanam 
to the assembled DevAs and Sages as Yaj~na 
VarAhan . Consisten to the adoraation , " Yaj~nO
vai VishNu : " He prsented Himself as 
Yaj~na VarAhan . His Sareeram is recognized as
the embodiment of VedAs . The sages came from 
JanO lOkam , TapO lOkam and Sathya lOkam to
have the darsanam of this Yaj~na/Veda rUpi as
described by Srimadh Bhagavatha slOkam 
in the third canto ( 3.13.44 ):

vidhunvathA VEDAMAYAM nijam VAPUR
  Janastapa: Sathya nivAsinO vayam I
satA sikhothbhUtha SivAmbhu Bindhubir
  vimrujyamAnA bhrusameesa bhaavithA : II

When he Lord shook His gigantic body
as He came out of the Ocean water , 
those droplets of water leaving His body 
( Veda maya sareeram )went all the way upto 
the JanO , TapO and Sathya lOkams and fell on 
the sages there and purified them in every way .
They got a clear picture of waht was
happening and came running to have the darsanam
of the Veda mUrthy and Yaj~na SvarUpi 
carrying His dear consort on His tusk .

What they saw there is described by the following
two SlOkams of Srimadh Bhagavatham ( 3.13.35,36 ):

rUpam tavaithanannanu dushlruthAthmanAm
dudarsanam DevayadhadhvarAthmakam I
cchAndhAmsi yasya tvachi barhirOma-
svAjyam dhrusi tvangrishu chAthurhOthram II

srugh tunda aaseeth sruva yeesa nAsayO
ridOdharE chamasA karNarandhrE I
prAsithramAsyE grasanE grahAsthu
thE yaccha varNam thE BhagavannagnihOthram II

( meaning ) : The sges and the DevAs saw 
the cchandas like Gaayathri et al on this 
Yaj~na VarAha mUrthy's shoulders ( Tvachi ) ; 
the Dharba grass assembly on the hair ;
ghee offered in the Yaj~nam in the eyes
of that Yaj~na Purushan ; the karmAs 
performed by ht efour Rthviks were found
on the feet ; the Juhu named Srugh was seen 
on the face ofthe Lord ;the karunkAli spoon 
used to lift the ghee in yaj~nam known as 
sruvam was found on the noseof the Lord ;
the vessel used to hold the havis known as 
purOdasam was found on the stomach; the wodden
shallow vessel used to hold sOma rasam for 
homam and ingestion were found in the ears of 
the Lord ; the vessel used to hold the 
havis for BrahmA known as PrAsithram 
was found in the mouth of the Yaj~na VarAhan ;
the mortar like yaj~nA vessel known as
graham used for collecting sOma rasam was 
found inside the deepr cavities of the mouth ;
the food ( havis ) consumed by the Lord 
was seen as agnihOthram . 

The assembled bhAgyavantha: saw further
in the body of the Yaj~na VarAha mUrthy 
the following aspects :

** bhagavadh svarUpam appearing frequently
as the ishti of the Yaj~nam known
as DheekshiNyA

** The upasath ishti as the neck of the Lord

** the PrAyaNeeya ishti observed at the beginning
of Yaj~nam and the udhayaNeeya ishti observed
at the end of the Yaj~nam as the two cannine
tusks (teeths ) 

**Pravarkya vessel as the Tongue

** the two agnis ( Sappayam and Aavasathyam )
as the head of the Yaj~na NaaraayaNan 

** the stacked up ishtakais as prANans

** the rethas of the Lord as soma rasam

** the three savanams ( PrAthas,
MaadhyAntheena and trutheeya savanam )
as the seat of the Lord 

** agnishtOmam , athyagnishtOmam ,
Ukthyam , Shodasee , VaajabhEyam ,
athirAthram , AbdhOryAmam ( seven Soma
Yaj~na samsthAs ) were seen as the skin ,
blood , flesh , methas , bones ,
majjai , sukram ( seven dhAthus ) 

** DhvAdhAsAha sathrams as the junctions
( sandhees) of the body 

** BhagavAn HImself as the Yaj~na svarUpi without 
affiliation to the sOma rasam and with the ishtis 
as ropes .

Sri NaarAyaNa Bhatthadhiri condenses these
two slOkams in the ninth slOkam of the 
thirteenth dasakam of Sri NaarAyaNeeyam :

tvachi chandhO romasvapi kusagaNascchakshushi grutham
chathurhOthArOangraou srugapi vadanE chOdara iDA I
grahA jihvAyAm thE parapurusha karNE cha chamasA: 
vibhO sOmO veeryam Varadha galadEsEapyupasadha : II

Sri Bhattadhiri addresses the Lord as Para(ma) 
purusha and Varadha( boon grating Lord )for 
those who see Him in this form .

These descriptions point out that all
the Veda karmAs are performed for raching
the Lord and that Yaj~nAs , Yaj~na vessels ,
rthviks , Ishtis andf Homams are Bhagavdh
rUpam . The inner meaning is that those , who
learn and understand VedAs properly will not
see all the karmAs and the