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TN of H.H. Rangapriya Mahadesikan Swamigal

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 06:05:00 PST

Dear Bhaktas,

Maasi Makham is the tirunakshatram of H.H. Swami Rangapriya Mahadesikan 
of Bangalore. I thought of sharing this information 
on this forum since several members of our group are his 
Shishyas or have been associated with him (formally and informally).
H.H. Swami Rangapriya Mahadesikan is a an extremely learned scholar 
in the three schools of philosophy. He is a recognized expert in 
Yogabhyasa. His Asramam in Bangalore is called AshtAnga Yoga VigyAna 

In his PurvAshrama, Swami served as the Chairman of the Sanskrit 
Dept. at the National College, Basavanagudi. He was a model 
instructor-extremely caring and concerned for his students in class-he 
imparted pearls of wisdom about a number of issues in one-on-one 
discussions outside the classroom. Adiyen has the good fortune of being 
associated with Swamigal for more than twenty years. Swamigal has 
written prolifically about our Sampradayam. His work on VishNu 
Sahasranamam in the Bharata Darshanam is a masterpiece. The recently 
Sandyavandanam book (by the Tillastana Swami Kaimkarya Sabha and 
reprinted by Sri Ahobila Matham) contains an excellent foreward by 
Swamigal in which he beautifully explains the significance of the three 
Arghyams offered while performing Sandyavandanam. 

His discourses are a pleasure to hear. Invariably, he has extremely 
interesting anecdotes to narrate. He uses excellent analogies to 
make a point. I am sure members of our group like Sri KrishNa KalaLe, 
and Sri Tatachar who have been beneficiaries of his Pravachana Sevas 
will vouch for this and have information to add on this subject. 

During a recent visit to India, Adiyen was previleged to attend 
Swami's morning Tiruvaradhanam at the Asramam on two occassions. 
Following the Aradhanam, Swami gave an excellent Pravachana Seva  
on Gadya Trayam for half an hour. All attendees were visibly moved 
at the end of it. I wished that Swami kept on speaking 
endlessly on this subject. Such was the interest he evoked.

Swami Rangapriya Mahadesikan TiruvadigalE SharaNam,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy 

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