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MaNakkal nambi thirunakshatthiram

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 02:07:40 PST


Dearest Sister and Brothers,

Today, Maasi month, magham nakshatthiram- the janma nakshatthiram of our 
AchArya, MaNakkaal nambhi, Sri Rama misrar, sishya of UyyakkoNdaar 

As amsam of Kumudan, one of the Nityasuris in Sri Vaikuntam, he was born 
in Manakkaal , Trichy District. His devotion to his Guru UyyakoNdaar was 
great. On one occasion UyyakoNdaar's two daughters were to cross the mud 
on their way back home after bath in the river, he laid down on the 
ground- on the muddy water and asked them to walk over on his back. 
Hence, the sands at the feet of the Guru's daughters were on his body, 
and he came to be known as ' Manal Kaal Nambi' . 

He rendered personal service to his Acharya, Uyyak Kondaar and it is 
told that he took over also as the cook for his AchArya after the demise 
of Uyyak Kondaar's wife. 

Embar, sishya and the cousin of RamunjA later describes that NammAzhwAr 
drank of the ocean of mercy of the Lord Narayana and rained it through 
Natha muni and that Pundarikaksha was like the fountain spring that let 
the stream reach Alavandar. Pundarikaksha learned the holy collects and 
Yoga Rahasya  from  Natha Muni  and passed them on to Alavandar. 

Swami Desika in Sloka 7 of his Yatiraja Saptadhi praises Manakkaal Nambi 
as follows: 

Anujjitha Kshamaa Yogam Apunya Jana Bhaadakam | 
Asprushta Madha Raagam Thum Raamam Turyam Upaasmahe ||

(meaning) The one who learned through Upadesam all the Sastaraarthas 
from Uyyakkondaar was Manakkaal Nambi. There were only three Ramas 
before. Here comes the fourth Rama. The defects noticeable in the other 
3 Ramas were totally absent in this 4th Rama. 

Parasurama had no patience.  Out of jealousy, he fought with 
'Chakravarthi Tirumagan'. With an uncontrollable rage, he embarked on 
destroying the entire Kshatriya race. But, Manakkaal Nambi never lost 
his composure and kept his senses under absolute control. 

Dasaratha Rama destroyed the Rakshasas, otherwise known as 'Punya Jana'. 
But, Manakkaal Nambi never harmed anyone but always did all the good he 
could to Sadhus who are also known as 'Punya Jana' 

Manakkaal Nambi never exhibited any pride or prejudice or any excessive 
attachment to anything worldly. (like BalarAmA)

So, he is better than for RAMAs. (what a verse from DesikA!)

Let us prostrate before this blemish less 4th Rama, Sri Rama Misrar, 
MaNakkal Nambhi.

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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