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From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 20:53:28 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this yet another excellent decad of Thiruvaaimozhi, AzhwAr narrates 
how each of his indriyAs (sense organs) involves itself, longs and 
desires to enjoy the Lord!

1.  Oh EmperumaanE! The One who is the Chief of His NityavibhUti and 
LeelA vibhUti and the One who wears the unmatched Most Beautiful Crown 
on His head! The One who has the Loveliest Lotus Feet that are 
worshipped by all three worlds! The Most Merciful One who underwent 
tremendous pains on His Divine ThirumEni (Body) while churning out The 
Milky Ocean for getting Amirtham! The One who has the Periya Thiruvadi 
(GarudAzhwAn) as His Vaahanam and the flag as well! Whe He rides on 
GarudA it looks extremely BEAUTIFUL like the Blue Sky/clouds crawling 
over the Massive Meru Mountain. ThrumaalE! The One who shows Himself to 
dEvAs! Thinking of You alone, My MIND has been longing for You. Should 
You not come to protect that? (Yes. You should)

2.  Oh My Dearest Master, the One who has my mind as the City which You 
dwell and removes the obstacles there! The One who became the poison for 
rAvaNA, the king of lankA! The One who showed the small lovely feet to 
mahAbhali and cheated him by measuring the entire world with one foot of 
Your Big foot! My TONGUE has been yearning to praise Your such excellent 
Glorious attributes of Yours and pray. What else is there for the tongue 
to do but to praise You (for having been blessed with an ability to 
(from the First pAsuram, we can see that AzhwAr wished the mind be 
blessed with Sriman Narayanan’s Grace- It appears AzhwAr’s mind has been 
blessed ALREADY before he sang the second pAsuram!- Who says Sriman 
Narayanan is Slow! He jumped within a fraction of a second for GajEndrA 
and saved! He appeared within a wink of an eye inside the pillar when it 
was hit by hiraNya kasipu- " evanAvadhu sollungha Sriman Narayanan is 
slow in action" nu- He will appear immediately to disprove! Let us all 
tell that and get blessed by His presence amongst us IMMEDIATELY And 

3.  You blessed me to praise You with my tongue. You appeared as KaNNan 
in the huts of cowherd men and stole butter from them; You ate those 
butter so fast (while stealing) that the entire face was smeared with 
the white butter and looked so meautiful; More Beautiful also due to the 
happiness the Kutti KaNNan got by eating so many hanfuls of VeNNai 
(Butter). What a Beautiful scene! Your face shone like the Full Moon 
with the Butter on you face smeared all over! You also walked off with a 
Mandhahaasam (impish smile) in addition to all the beautiful butter! You 
showered mercy on those cowherd people; Such a Merciful sowlabhyan 
KannA! My dearest Lord! When will My hands touch and enjoy Your Most 
Beautiful ThirumEni; When will my HANDS get the bliss of what My tongue 
was blessed with!

4.  Without any interruption and gap, I would like to keep touching You 
with my hands and I would like to REALLY SEE YOU with my physical EYES; 
My eyes very much desire and long to see You, ParmenE, the One by whose 
touch and lying down enables AdhisEshA spread his heads with pride and 
happiness! My EYES, like my hands also wish to enjoy You.

5.  My ears have been asking "When will we hear His sweet steps while 
the eyes enjoy Him! He comes to the bhAgawathAs and enables them to 
complete their works/tasks. He, by His nature has got such a guNA to 
come to our rescue; He will come and appear on GarudA. My ears LONG TO 
HEAR the sounds of GarudAs Big feathers when He comes to me riding on 
him. My ears deaire to listen to sound of GarudA’s coming! (One can 
really visualise the  sound of GarudA’s feathers, when we read Sri Swami 
Desikan’s Garuda DhaNdakam- Very Nice! ... Please read and let your ears 
also be blessed with what AzhwAr’s ears had enjoyed!)

6.  EmperumaanE! My ears have been longing to listen to the Most 
Excellent poems (kavigaL), (like the Most tastiest fruits) of Your 
Glories. My ears would like to soak them fully in the sweet musical 
honey and enjoy. The ears woluk like to have such a bliss right here in 
this birth (NOW!). You possess the Most Strongest Divine ChakrA. I would 
love to listen to  Your Most Glorious attributes with my Ears fully. My 
jeevan can NOT sustain till Your merciful glance reaches me. Immediately 
it desires to enjoy. Please make it, My Lord! (adadAdA! Enna anubhavam 
of our Sweet AzhwAr!)

7.  My JeevanE!, My uyir!, My Sweetest Nectar! (amudhamE!) You have 
enslaved me! You have the Most Devoted GarudA as Your Vaahanam 
(Vehicle). I have been thinking of You for ages , longing for You and 
have been weltering. Oh My Lord! The One who has the Divine ChakrA in 
your hand! In spite of my calling You so many times, I have NOT been 
enjoying Your Divine Beautiful Form, My Lord! My diseases (of Births and 
Deaths) are NOT also cured!

8.  Oh EmperumaanE!, the Personification of Beauty! Your eyes are like 
the Most Beautiful Red Lotus Flowers; You look like The Most Gorgeous 
Form of Dark, Blue colour like the kaajal. With Your Most Glorious 
kalyANa guNAs, You have been haunting me; Is it not Your command to 
create all the three kaalams (past, present and the future); But there 
appears to be NO TIME for You to save me! Will it come now? Is that also 
NOT Your command/duty? When am I going to enjoy You?

9.  BhagawaanE! You went to mahAbhali and asked for three measures (with 
Your feet) of land and cheated him by taking ViswarUpam and took away 
the entire universe with Your two steps;  ThirudA! You made kamsan also 
get removed beautifully; You plucked the thousand shoulders of pANAsuran 
and won over; You are the One capable of riding on Periya Thioruvadi 
(GarudA) When am I going to join You, Lord!

10.  Oh KaNNanE! You went in between the two big Marudha marams (trees) 
with the "ural" tied to your waist (by YasOdhA!) (It appears when 
NammAzhwAr thought of Emperumaan’s sowlabhyam of being tied with a small 
rope by Aayar kula peNN YasOdhA, he fell into a trance and fainted for 
six months!- enna aaccharyamaana anubhavam!) I have been really yearning 
to see Your Lotus Feet and How many days will I be weeping like this 
siging Your Glories with words, words and words?

11.  About Trivikraman, the One who measured the Entire Universe and who 
has the Most Glorious Most Auspicious attributes (kalYANa guNAs), 
Kurugoor SadagOpan has praised in 1000 pAsurams. Out of those 1000, 
those who read these ten (or its meanings), WILL DEFINITELY REACH PARAMA 

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam   

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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