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Re: manobodhaH - 8

From: Shree (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 10:06:57 PST


Viji has expressed what I feel about this cyber-satsangh so well
that I quote:

Viji Raghunathan wrote:

> It occured to me that the net is a great medium for relating to each other
> as Atmas, all in search of the same Paramaatma. We are mainly known to each
> other through our  thoughts alone. It is as if our philosophy has come to
> life and all matter has turned to energy. Like our munis and rishis who
> traveled time and space, we are able to send and receive thoughts and
> prayers across the seas as electrical impulses. It matters not if a person
> is a millionaire or a hunchback, no such extraneous cover colours our
> vision, and we receive with all humility their offerings towards furthering
> us on our chosen path. (Who is to say that it is not a perfect setting for
> someone like Sage Narada to quietly acquire an id and start up a discussion
> that will end in all of us holding even more tightly to the Lotus Feet of
> SrimanNaaraayaNa... )

Giridhar Srinivasaraghava Varadachari wrote:

> Namaskarams to u
> Felt very nice reading the manobhodah -8th verse.  Whatever acts are
> performed by us we always expect something in return.  And was reminded
> very much of guruji's statement that whatever we do offer it to the Lord. 
> Was recollecting of an example quoted in the satsangh - that when the
> prasad of the Lord is given to us at the temple even it be the smallest
> piece of Laddu we try to partake it with as many people as possible whereas
> the material things that we possess we do not share in the same way.  if we
> treat that also as the prasad of the lord then the sharing becomes easy. 
> Thanks for the verse.  Please send anything u may lay your hands on.
> With love and regards
> shanthi and giri

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding
the posts. Please keep sharing :-)

shrii kR^ishNaarpaNamastu