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Thiruvaaimozhi 3.6- Click here and Become His bhakthA AUTOMATIC!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 04:42:18 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Last decad of Thiruvaaimozhi, nammAzhwAr denounced the materialists and 
lambasted them. Now, azhwAr feels sorry and tries to convince them by 
narrating the sowlabhya nature of Sriman NarayaNan and His mercy in this 
decad 3.6. 

1.  The Most Beautiful Red-Lotus eyed Lord, My Emperumaan, saved and 
protected the seven worlds from danger during the end of cosmic cycle. 
He ate them and retained them in a corner of His stomach. Then, He 
enabled them to be created later. He also enabled all beings and 
non-beings., namely, the earth, the worlds, the dEvAs, Human beings, the 
plants, insects, animals, and so on to come to liveliness in their 
entirety. He also lived in all of them, while He chose also to stay st 
Parama padham like a swayam jOthi. He is the One who is in BrahmA and 
Sivan as an antharyaami and enabled them to discharge their duties of 
creating and destroying respectively.  (You may wonder as to why AzhwAr 
wished to talk about His sowlabhya nature but narrating His parathvam on 
the contrary; But the fact is AzhwAr desires to praise His parathvam 
first and then talks about the sowlabhyam which will only add to His 
Great qualities. (If param lowers Himself, it becomes an additional 
kalyANa guNA))

2.  Emperumaan is the cause and antharyaami of Brahman, Sivan and Indran 
who are the trio of dEvAs. He is the Chief of dEvAs; He took care of 
them, forgave their sins and removed their sins, too. He is the One who 
is having His yOga nidhrA on the Milk Ocean (ThiruppARkadal). He, the 
Chief of NityasUris, is the One who destroyed the Lankai and kileed 
rAvaNA. He is Sri Raman. Please prostrate at His Lotus feet and pay 
obeisance to Him whi can remove all OUR SINS.

3.  He, the Chief of NityasUris , is KANNAN, who danced with the pot on 
His head. (kudakkootthu adiyavan). He is the Most Beautiful and the most 
illustrious Kannan. He sleeps on the AdhisEshA in ThiruppARkadal. Please 
think of such GREAT LORD during all days and nights and praise Him.

4.  If I, the lowly self, ask you top pray the Lord and praise His Most 
Auspicious kalyANa guNAs, will it do good to Him, by any way? No. It 
will DEFINITELY not. I am an ordinary being. But, beware! Even Sivan, 
BrahmA and Indran -such Great dEvAs are praising Him and His guNAs- that 
is SOMETHING and it must be true that HE IS THE CHIEF. What a Great Lord 
is HE! (What a Great anubhavam of AzhwAr! Enna humility!)

5.  The Lord, KrishNan, the one who took avathaaram for us, is the Most 
Beautiful dark, Handsome Lord. He has got the Most Loveliest Red 
Lotussed eyes. He is the Swami of NityasUris. He has got the Lovely 
dark, curly tresses and the lustrous shining Golden crown (  kireetam ) 
on the top.  One can see His form in the expanded blue sky / space, in 
the Gentle breeze, the surrounded Big, Blue Oceans and the red, shining 
Fires; He can be seen as the Gods (deivams), human beings, animals, 
insects, plants, etc., All is He. (Dear, AzhwAr gives the essence of 
VishitAdvaitham here. Let us be blessed by the vision of such Lord among 
all that we see; among all and among us. I wish we could do that;- May 
azhwar bless us with that Divine katAkasham)

6.  Emperumaan does not have creation for Him or death for Him. But, He 
has all in Him that undergoes the births and deaths. He does NOT have 
kaRmA and their impact on Him. He came as the Most Ferocious Lion-man 
(Lord NrsimhA) and saved PrahlAda from HiraNyakasipu. PrahlAda caught 
hold of Him at His Feet when He appeared and killed with such ferocity. 
(I remember seeing Sri Mukkur Laksmi NarasimhachAriar during his 
performance of yaagham at Srirangam, used to get into trance often and 
used to walk up and down with the head held high and his mouth a bit 
open showing his teeth, reddy eyes wide open, roaring like a lion, and 
used to even throw the flowers, the mud, the fruit or the rice, or 
whatsoever at the devotees who thronged to see him- It used to be really 
a goos pimple, hair-raising ecperience to see the swami in NrsimhA form. 
In fact he weighs also quite heavy and the way he walks (rather gallops 
up and down) is just like a Lion. ) Great BhAgawathA!). He is the One 
who is in all tastes, forms, smell, sounds, and essences. There is NO 
God for me except Him. As long as time remains, He is my Lord and the 

7.  My bhagawaan, My Lord of Athman, is the sweetest nectar for me; He 
is the Most shining ray of light for me and has mixed with me and with 
my Athman. He is the Blue hued MANickkam and He is KaNNan. He is the 
Sugarcane for the NityasUris who enjoy Him with their anubhavams. He is 
the most tastiest ripened fruit; If you worship Him with a -pure heart 
and mind, then sorrows and ills will run away form you.

8.  He is the One who is the cause and the Chief of all beings; But He 
does not get himself caught in the karmAs of these beings; He is beyond 
the prakrti maNdalam and is the form of Most illustriuos shining light; 
He ate and spat the seven worlds; When His bhAgawathALs are about to 
lose their consciousness and are in their deathbeds, (even when they are 
not able to think of Him at that time), He terrifies and scares the 
yamadhUthAs away form His devotees. He becomes the visham (poison) for 
the yamadhUthAs. He is The One, who never deserts His bhakthAs at 
anytime, and is the One who took the avathaaram as Sri RAMA, the son of 
dasaratha chakravarthy. There is NO REFUGE for me, but the LOTUS FEET of 
the son of dasarathA,( the Chakravarthy Thirumagan.)

9.  He is the One who is the refuge for me and is the Mother and Father 
for me. He is the same one acting as both my father and the mother as 
well. He is the same one who is everything else too; he is unbounded 
pErAnandham (bliss) and the Greatest bhagawath anubhavam for NityasUris; 
He is the prime cause of all and is the Chief of the trio (BrahmA , 
Sivan and Indran). Oh Guys! Please do not fear thinking of such 
Greatness,the primordial nature of His and the complex, incomprehensible 
kalyANa guNAs. He will take the Most Loveable, simple Beautiful form in 
which you want Him to come and you think of Him. He will bless us in 
that form. Hence, pray to Him, the Blue Hued, the dark-sea coloured Lord 
Sriman Narayanan.

10.  NityasUris' dark Blue hued Emerald,(karu MANickkam), is my KaNNan. 
He is the paranchudar, who is having the yOganithrA on the AdhisEshan in 
ThiruppaRkadal (Milk Ocean). He made the Five pANdavaAs fight the war 
and kill the hundred duryOdhanAs. He, by Himself drove the chariot of 
Arjun as the sArathy. When will my eyes be able to see the Lotus Feet of 
that pArthasarathy?

11.  Bhawawaan, My Emperumaan is the Most Difficult to be seen by our 
physical eyes. He is the One who showers grace on His devotees on the 
Earth. About such Greatest Lord, Sriman Narayanan, Thirukkurugoor 
SadagOpan composed 1000 pAsurams. Out of these 1000, if you read these 
TEN pAsurams (or their meanings), you WILL BECOME HIS BHAKTHAS 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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