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Re: Navalpaakam Swamigal

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 22:09:28 PST


Dearest Sri Vijay Srinivasan,

Your narration on U.Ve AgnihOthram Navalpaakam Devanatha tathachaya 
Swami was very much heartfelt. I am also forunate to be from that place 
(my grandmother is from Navalpaakam and my Grandfather studied in 
Navalpaakam). It is indeed a loss for SrivaishNavam in this swami's 
demise. He was a Great observer of VanaprasthAshramand achAra 

that reminds me of an incident (as narrated to me by my father). Once, 
(some years back),  the Former kanchi sankarAchAryA (mahaperiyavaaL) 
desired to visit Navalpaakam, its temple and the Swami. he wrote a 
letter to him saying that he will be visiting on his way to somewhere 
else. Swami had high regards for SankarAcharyA while he felt embarassed 
to receive him for two reasons. is customary for one to fall at the feet of sanyaasi. (irrespective 
of age) as per the saasthrA;

2.A sanyaasi, as per our RamAnujA traditions (VishitAdvatic traditions), 
shall wear a pooNool and perform sandhyAvandhanam. While advaitin 
sanyaasis do not wear the upaveedham(pooNool) and do not perform sandhi 
as well (since they argue that they renounce EVERYTHING- that 's not the 
point- we are not arguing here). 

Hence, Swami, was embarassed and was wondering how to pay respects and 
still follow the traditions. He wrote a note explaining the RamanujA 
traditions and his position of not being able to receive the 
SankaracharyA. (and Swami went to ILangaadu, a nearby place). 

SankarAchArya, Maha periyavaaL,  fully understood the position of Swami, 
(since he himself was a Great Mahaan). 

Later, while there was a journailst interviewing SankarAchArya, it 
appears he mentioned to the reporter that there is a 100% perfect Swami, 
who is stricitly following VAnaprasthAshram and is staying at 
Navalpaakkam. The reporter also paid a visit to Navalpaakkam to pay his 
obeisance to our dearest Swami.

Also, when his name was chosen for being conferred the most coveted 
President's award, he refused to go to Delhi, as that will neccessitate 
him to travel by train, and change his anushtAnams, etc.. The award was 
brought to him at his place from Delhi.

A Great mahaan. A Great Swami. (and was aptly admired by none other than 
SankarAchArya, in addition to all vaishnava peetAdhpathis, of course) 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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