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Completion of the Fund raising for the Mutthangi Kaimkaryam Of the Divya Dampathis of ThiruviNNagar

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 17:29:49 PST

Dear BhakthAs of Sri BhUmi Devi 
samEtha Sri Oppiliappan :

It is a great joy for me to let you know 
that 25 BhakthAs have contributed the needed 
sum of $1,400 .The fund raising is now complete.

The contributions have ranged from $35, the suggested 
amount to $180 . One concerned BhakthA was 
so kind to offer today whatever that was needed to 
get to the finish line . The apAra sakthi and 
limitless kAruNyam of the Divya Dampathis alone has made it 
possible to raise this significant sum in such a short interval
of time . 

Please accept my sincere thanks as a person
born in this divya desam dear to four AzhwArs .That
I must confess with all humility is my only Qualification 
to approach you all to participate in this kaimkaryam . 

I invite you all to have the darsanam of the 
MangaLa mUrthys of AkAsa Nagaram during your 
next  trip to India and stay at my home in 
Sannidhi Street ( SaTakOpa Bhavanam ), 
Oppiliappan Koil and enjoy the beauty of 
the Lord  adorning RathnAngi , Rathna Kireetam 
and Mutthnagi during their KalyANa Uthsavams . 

The date for the MaaNiccka Kondai , Maragatha KiLi and 
golden jatakothsu samarpaNam has been finaized for
April 15 instead of April 10 ( panguni Uttaram day )
due to Sri Rama Navami related celebrations starting from 
April 5 and continuing on for 10 days. 

One additional piece of information on the 
Maragatha KiLi for ThAyAr : the parrot has
been enmeshed with Jaipur emeralds and the beak is 
red enamel and the eyes are black onyx . The MaaNiccka
Kondai has padmarAgA stones and diamond .

Thanks to all of you , who are taking part 
in the saraNya Dampathi's Mutthangi Kaimkaryam 
and those who have participated in the earlier
Kaimkaryams for the ArchA Murthys of ThiruviNNagar .

Sri VaishNava DaasOham ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan