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FW: Is there more information about the March 8th programme inRanganatha Temple ?

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 11:47:32 PST

Here is some additional information.


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>inRanganatha Temple ?
>my dear jagannatha prabhu,
>please send these details to all srivaishnavas.
>on 3-8-98, temple construction will begin with the ceremonial digging of 
>the ground.  7.30am to 10 am abhisheka to sri Ranganatha and Mahalakhsmi 
>at west nyack 914-627-6716.  11am to 2pm at temple site in pomona 
>vishwaksena pooja, punyahavachanam, sudarsana homam, vastu pooja and 
>ceremonial digging.  thaereafter saatrumurai, and prasadam distribution.
>temple construction will start after that.  we plan to open the temple 
>after installing the moolavars of sri Ranganatha and Thaayaar by 
>vaikuntha ekaadasi in dec 98.
>so far we have $500,000= and we are short of at least $100,000=.
>i personally request all srivaishnavas to come forward and donate 
>generously for this noble project, which was ordered by our 44th Jeer of 
>sri Ahobila Mutt and at the command of SRI MAHALAKSHMI.
>for more details, please call venkat at 304-424-2745 (office),
>304-424-6405 at weekdays home, or at 914-627-6716 at sannidhi in
> New York.  please e-mail me at all questions.
>please ask the devotees to call me for directions.  adiyen, venkat.