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Re: manobodhaH - 7

From: Shree (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 13:01:11 PST


Many thanks to Srini for sharing this beautiful story which
highlights how honour & dishonour are both momentary!! 

> > %versemeanings
> > Oh, my Mind! in your heart great courage hold,
> > Oh, my Mind! and insults do endure;
> > Humble words always utter,
> > Oh, my Mind! to everyone refreshing joy do offer.. 7..
> > 
> Hi Shree
> am reminded of a beautiful story which comes in chinna Katha by
> the Sai Sansthaan.
> This relates to the instructions to the mind which tells it to
> endure insults.
> The Bhagwad Gita in one of its chapters asks us to rise above
> Heat and Cold - This is to ask us to rise above bodily comforts.
> Happiness and Misery - This is to rise above the vagaries of the mind
> Maana and Apmana - This is with regard to the intellect.
> In this particular shloka Samarth Ramadas addresses the mind and
> asks it to endure insults ie asks the intellect to rise above
> maana and apmaana. The story relates to Maana and Apmaana.
> There were these two travelling salesmen in a village
> who set out together to another village to close a deal. The first one was
> riding a horse while the other was walking. The guy who was walking
> was also carrying a pillow for resting when he reached
> his destination.
> Enroute to their destination they passed thru a village where the
> villagers saw the salesperson on the horse ahead with the other
> salesperson following him holding on to his pillow.
> The people commented "there goes the master on the horse and
> his servant follows him carrying the master's pillow."
> When they reached their destination the salesperson with the pillow
> walked on to the inn and set his pillow in the patio and rested himself
> while the other salesperson dismounted from his horse and took it to the
> stable for watering the horse and giving it fodder.
> The people in this village commented "there is the master who is
> resting in the inn while the servant is taking the horse to the
> stable"
> Actually neither of them were master or servant. But the world
> decided in one instance to label them master and in another 
> instance labeled them servant.
> Such is the nature of honour and dishonour that the world 
> heaps on us. None of it should affect us. all of it is 
> momentary.
> Before one takes the honour to heart one would do well to 
> remember the saying "Pride goes before a fall" or better still the
> beautiful verse in Bhaja Govindam :
> Maa kuru Dhana Jana Youvana Garvam
> Harati Nimeshat kalah sarvam
> (Pride in retinue of followers, money and youth will be taken
> away by time in one hundredth of a minute)
> so it is better to be humble as samarth ramdas instructs the mind to be.
> will write in more later.
> love
> srini