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Muitthangi kaimkaryam : Interim report

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Mar 01 1998 - 17:53:31 PST

Dear BhakthAs of Sriman NaarAyaNA :

I am delighted to let you know your fast
and welcome responses have led to a pledge of 
$ 1,089 in the last three or four days . 
Ninteen of you have pledged from $35 to $150 
to bring us this far .

It is most heartening to see how the Divya dampathis 
are making it possible for us to participate 
in their KaimkaryAm from this distance . 
With their continued blessings ,
We should be able to raise the remaining $319 
( 10 commitments of $35 each from additional BhakthAs )
and concluding the fund raising phase of
this kaimkaryam and start the creation of the Mutthangi.

The expert , who prepared the Periya perumAL's ( mUlavar"s)
Mutthangi in 1996 will be creating now the Mutthangis
for the Uthsavar Divya Dampathis .This master craftsman 
has prepared before the Mutthnagis for Sri RanganAthar
and Thiruppathi Sri Venkatesar , which they adorn
during the winter months . We are fortunate to
have his services to complete this kaimkaryam .

I have sent today to Sri Rengarajan the copy of the second
tape . Those of you , who have not sent your addresses ,
please send them to him so that he can forward you the 2 tapes , 
when he has them reproduced for distribution 
as a momento for your participation in this kaimkaryam .  

I look forward to hearing from those , who wish to 
participate in this kaimkaryam to complete the collection
of the remaining $319 . There are 10 slots left now.
You can address those checks to me for transmittal
to India . 

Thanks again and may the Blessings of ThiruviNNagarappan
and BhUmi Devi be with You and Your Family ,

V. Sadagopan 

P.S : At the conclusion of this fund raising effort ,
I would like to pay my tribute to BhUmi DEvi 
for Her KaruNA KatAksham that speeded up
both the MaaNiccka Kondai and the Mutthangi Kaimkaryams .

I will start a series of postings on Swami Desikan"s
tribute to BhUmi Devi of Oppiliappan Koil .
Swami Desikan was only 40 miles away at 
Thiruvaheendrapuram for many years and 
with Sri Oppiliappan's anugraham , he was born 
as Thirukkudanthai Aandavan to defend our
sampradhAyam again and establish the Yathi 
paramparai adorning the two Andavan Aasramams .

I have the feeling that Swami Desikan created  
his Bhu sthuthi for BhUmi Devi , the Empress of 
ThiruviNNagarappan , who is none other than Bhu VarAhan , 
whose sacred feet were sought as refuge by NammAzhwAr in 
the spirit of BhUvarAha charama SlOkam .

There are 33 majestic slOkams that constitute 
the tribute of Swami Desikan to BhUmi Devi ,
who is worshipped by " Muppatthu Mukkodi amarars "
33 crores of DevAs ) for persuading Her Lord
to come to the rescue of the DevAs , when they 
were threatened by Adharmic forces . I will attempt to 
link the thoughts of Swami Desikan in BhUsthuthi  
to the passages of BhUsooktham enshrined in 
the Vedic texts of Taittireeya Samhithai .