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From: Srikanth Raghavan (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 19:41:13 PST

Yellorukkum yen Namaskarangal,

	I am a new entrant into this bakthi group. Since this is a small
group I thought it is good to introduce myself to all of you.

	After having gone through some of the Digests forwarded to me
by Vasu Madabhushi, who works in Synopsys with me, I was eager to join
this mailing list. Thanks to Mani I am a member now.

	I am Srikanth from Madras, Velachery to be precise (It is
actually Vedhas-shreni, which I suppose means a place where Vedas
are recited). I have been in US for the past year and a half and 
was looking for a good forum in which I can learn more about Vaishnavism
our mythlogy and Vedanta.

	I have some background in Yajur Vedas (purely in terms of recital, 
which I was fortunate to learn from one our tenants in my home in Madras)
I try to keep in touch with them as much as possible by reciting them
whenever I can and also also acquiring CDs to try learning new chants.
Just for records I am Vadakalai and "Ahobila Mutt" follower.

	Compared to the awareness that exists in this group my knowledge
is very limited. My step will be more in terms of reading the articles
being posted and also going through the archives in Mani's web-site. 
Once in a while I may request an answer for a question or two which
are unclear to me..

	Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to become a member of
this learned group.