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Re: MaNavaaLa maamunigaL's vaibhavam - part 1

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 12:17:10 PST

A note of clarification to Sri Varadhan's posts
on Sri ManavaaLa MaamunigaL.

The acharya parampara among followers of Sri Ramanuja
varies according to which spiritual lineage one belongs.
Those Sri Vaishnavas who have received the tradition
through Sri Vedanta Desika have a different parampara
after Ramanuja. Their saaRRumurai verses are 
also correspondingly different in a number of places.

Varadhan has written about the greatness of Sriman
Thiruvaaymozhi PiLLai and how many Sri Vaishnavas
salute him in their saaRRumurai.  Sri Atreya Ramanuja
(appuLLaar) occupies a similar position in the
vadagalai acharya parampara (Sri Murali Rangaswamy
has written about the vaibhavam of appuLLaar in
the recent past).  The saaRRumurai sloka in his honor is:

	namo rAmAnujAryAya vedAntArtha-pradAyine
	atreya-padmanAbhAya sutAya guNaSaline

	Salutations to the noble Ramanuja, bestower
	of the inner meanings of the Vedanta,
	son of Atreya Padmanabha and in whom all
	good qualities are found.

It is interesting that this verse and its Tamil
counterpart are very similar to the ones in honor
of Thiruvaaymozhi PiLLai that are recited in the
thengalai saaRRumurai.  It is a matter of great
pride for me that both of these great souls, each
of whom nurtured two incredibly learned and saintly
personalities, are revered to this day by follwers
of Bhagavad Ramanuja Siddhantam.

appuLLaar thiruvaaymozhi piLLai thiruvadigaLE SaraNam