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thiruvallikkENi 8-J (Last pAsuram from periya thirumozhi)

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 01:01:15 PST

	This is the last of the 10 pAsurams of sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr on 
the thiruvallikkENi dhivya dhEsam. This describes the city and the temple in 
general and about the benefits one would achieve by reciting these pAsurams.
(This is more of an invitation to the bhakthAs to read these pAsurams and recite them... )

mannuthaN pozhilum vaaviyum madhiLum
 maadamaa LigaiyummaN dabamum,
thennaNnthoN daiyarkOn seydhanNanmayilaith
 thiruvallik kENinNin Raanai,
kanninNan maada mangkaiyar thalaivan
 kaamaru seerkkali kanRi,
sonnason maalai patthudan vallaar
 sugamini dhaaLvarvaa NnulagE. (2)    2.3.10

A free translation:
The Lord of thiruvallikkENi, the city which is next to mylai, which has cool 
groves, ponds, palatial bungalows with strong fortresses, which was built by 
the pandya king thoNdamAn,  (The Lord)is offering dharshan in a standing 
posture. These pAsurams are written by Sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr, who is the 
king of the city called thirumaN^gai, who is blessed by sri mahAlakshmi . 
Those who sing these pAsurams will achieve sri vaikuNtam eventually.

Word for Word Translation:
mannu thaN pozhilum vAviyum madhiLum mAda mALigaiyum maNdapamum-
..This describes the beauty of thiruvallikkENi as the city which has groves 
that are cool all through the year, ponds, palatial bungalows and fortresses..

(mannu - Always/ ever, nithyamAy; thaN - cool; pozhil - grove, vAvi - pond)

thennan thoNdaiyar kOn seydha n^an mayilai-
...This city (and the temple) was built by the pandya king thoNamAn who was
born in the clan of thennan,..

(kOn - king)

kanni n^an mAda maN^gaiyar thalaivan kAmaru seer kalikanRi-
...Sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr who is the king of thirumaN^gai is blessed with the 
grace of sri mahAlakshmi. This city has beatiful everlasting buildings...

(kalikanRi is sri thirumaN^gai AzhwAr's name.)

thiruvallikkENi n^inRAnai sonna sol mAlai paththudan vallAr-
..Those who sing these 10 pAsurams on the Lord who is offering dharshan in a 
standing posture and who resides in thiruvallikkENi, next to mylai..

sugam inithu ALwAr vAnulagE.
..Will achieve the sri vaikuNta padhavi...

This concludes the 10 part series on the thiruvallikkENi dhivya dhEsam
describing the 10 pAsurams from periya thirumozhi authored by sri thirumaN^gai
AzhwAr. He is one of the most loved, prominent AzhwAr and has sung on most of
the 108 dhivya dhEsams (about 80). His style is very attractive, innovative 
and adventurous. No wonder it attracts many thamizh abhimAnis and students of 
thamizh literature. 

When Sri Rengi started writing about thiruvallikkENi, i was so excited. 
I felt so good that i wanted to do something towards this effort. I thought of 
writing about the 10 pAsurams on this DD and went to work and was surprised 
to see a mail from Sri Rengi asking me if i can write about those 10 pAsurams. 
This is my first attempt at any kinda translation. I am sure that i haven't 
brought out in full, the inherent beauty of the AzhwAr's pAsurams in the 
excellent native language of thamizh.  With sri PBA's help (dhivyArtha 
dheepikai) i tried my best to atleast explain the overall meaning and 
translation to some of the chaste thamizh words. 
Any errors in these postings are entirely entirely mine. 

If this had made some thiruvallikkENi'ites / chennai vAsis nostalgic OR
helped some people know a little more about this dhivya dhEsam, 
then i feel really satisfied that these were of some use atleast. 
During your next visit to Madras, DO visit this beautiful dhivya dhEsam and 
enjoy to your hearts content our sri vEN^katakrishNan's ghambheera look...
sri pArthasArathy, sri raN^ganAthar, sri rAmar, sri theLLiya siN^gar, 
sri varadhar.... 

sri rukmiNi samEtha sri pArthasArathy swAmy thiruvadigaLE charaNam
sri AzhwAr emberumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigaLE charaNam

adiyEn irAmAnusa dhAsan
Vijayaraghavan Triplicane