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From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Sat Mar 29 1997 - 00:26:28 PST

Dear Sri.Rengarajan,

Since you a say you are going to be moving and may not have an e-mail
address for sometime I'm taking the liberty of putting this on the
"Bhakti-list". I hope you don't mind me doing so.

It was very good of you to call and explain yourself.

I can see that your intentions were entirely honourable and very far from
the way your post on "sujAtha-style" came across the medium or the way it
suggested itself to me on reading it.

>From my side too I think I could have definitely shown as much restraint as
I often have preached to others on the list. I have again been reminded that
in life only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches !! Well, you live and
learn everyday, don't you ?

I have been struggling to understand many, many things about our faith and
religion. It is in that spirit I have been participating in the "list" all
these months.

It therefore came to me as a bit of a nasty "put-down-er" to be compared
with so-called "stylish" writers who contribute to Tamil "pulp-magazines"
and worse, for the Tamil movie-industry which I personally consider the
curse and bane of all that is good in our culture and ethos today.

Even if my so-called "style" had been compared to a poor and unsuccessful
imitation of Sri.Mukkur Swami, I would have gladly accepted it as a great
compliment !! 

I could not however relish being measured against some "kumudam" writer whom
I don't think much of anyway !

I hope you will find a way of really understanding all this.

I hope you can also find a way of accepting my apology just as easily and
whole-heartedly as it is for me to make it.

Thanks, too, to all the friends on the "list" for helping to clear the air

(And all this, I think, is really one more for Mani's archives on "Famous
Scenes on the I-net" or "How to Master the Art of being Thoroughly
Misunderstood through E-mails" !!! Now that's a subject that would greatly
interest the real "SujAthA", wouldn't it !!)