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Date: Fri Mar 28 1997 - 14:25:56 PST

Dear Friends : I thank Sri MuraLi for letting us 
know that the differences of opinions between 
Sri RengarAjan and Sri Sudarshan are settled .
This is the best way to solve some of the unique 
problems arising from the cyber communciations ,
which fails to convey the human aspects of the 
communicators.The body language and the eye contact
that helps us to code correctly in personal,
face-to-face conversatons are totally missing 
in cyber exchanges inspite of its other benefits.  
This leads to some problems arising from the misreading
of the cues .

I want to add to Sri MuraLi's note about 
the services that Sri RengarAjan has renderd
and continues to render out of his firm 
commitment to the tenets of Sri Vaishnava
sampradhAyam . When I was in the middle of fund raising for 
Sri Oppiliappan"s RathnAngi Kaimkaryam , he came to the rescue 
with a generous donation in a trice . Before I met him 
in person at Buffalo for the first time , I had an
entirely different impression of him based on
the many postings on the net that I was very happy to read 
and learn . I am fortunate to know  him as a 
person of devout faith and caring ways.We are lucky to 
have fellow members of similar faith and geenrosity
in this group . 

Sri Sudarshan is another valued member of this group.
He has a unique way of approaching issues related 
to Sri VaishNavism and personalize it to integrate
them for his own saadhanA and share it with us.
He has been kind enought to share his thoughts 
with all of us and asks many provoking questions.
His acute sense of analysis and skills at narration 
helps to look dioctrines in a different way .

IN summary , Both these members like every members 
of the Bhakthi group bring a point of view that is 
looking at a doctrine from either a sampradhAyic 
or modern way . I am convinced that no harm is done
to the time tested doctrines of Sri VaishNavism 
by any sincere approach to understand them and 
use them for one's own spiritual progress . 

We are just a small group of 100 people, who 
belong to this special group . All of us have 
been fortunate to have had a lot of material ,
educational and spiritual blessings compared to
many all over the world. If we can not establish 
nurturing conversations with sensitivity to the 
other point of view , I wonder who can ! 

With that note , I would like to conclude this posting 
and request that we contribute to the enriching of the 
dialog on Sri VaishNavism and its glorious sampradhAyam 
nourished by many AchAryAs over many centuries.

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Dear Friends,

I was very pleased to learn from Sri Rengarajan that he was able to 
amicably sort out differences of opinion with Sri Sudarshan through 
a personal conversation. I have known Sri Rengarajan for a couple of 
years now and I have been following his posts with great interest from 
the time I joined the group. I have found him to be an extremely sincere and 
devout Sri Vaishnava. He has never intended to hurt anyone's feelings or 
sentiments. His depth of commitment to Bhagavad and Bhagavata Kainkaryam 
has been of the highest order, in keeping with the AruL Mozhigal of his 
Acharyan. His support for Sri Vaishnava causes both in India and the USA 
have been generous, spontaneous and exemplary. In fact, it was only because 
of his tireless enthusiasm, support and encouragement that I was able to 
undertake the Kainkaryam of the Chillarai Rahasyam publication for Srimad 
Paundarikapuram Ashramam. His Tala Puranam summaries (containing hard-to-come 
by information) have had a positive impact on several people in this forum as 
well as outside, as a result of which many have made/have undertaken to make 
pilgrimages to these Kshetrams.

I have disagreed with him on several issues and sometimes vehemently too. 
However in each instance, both of us have recognized that neither of us 
intends any malice towards the other.

I request Sriman Rengarajan to continue his informative posts based on 
his AtmArtha Anubhavam of the Lord of TiruviNNagaram.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy