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Date: Fri Mar 28 1997 - 04:58:39 PST

Dear Friends,

I was very pleased to learn from Sri Rengarajan that he was able to 
amicably sort out differences of opinion with Sri Sudarshan through 
a personal conversation. I have known Sri Rengarajan for a couple of 
years now and I have been following his posts with great interest from 
the time I joined the group. I have found him to be an extremely sincere and 
devout Sri Vaishnava. He has never intended to hurt anyone's feelings or 
sentiments. His depth of commitment to Bhagavad and Bhagavata Kainkaryam 
has been of the highest order, in keeping with the AruL Mozhigal of his 
Acharyan. His support for Sri Vaishnava causes both in India and the USA 
have been generous, spontaneous and exemplary. In fact, it was only because 
of his tireless enthusiasm, support and encouragement that I was able to 
undertake the Kainkaryam of the Chillarai Rahasyam publication for Srimad 
Paundarikapuram Ashramam. His Tala Puranam summaries (containing hard-to-come 
by information) have had a positive impact on several people in this forum as 
well as outside, as a result of which many have made/have undertaken to make 
pilgrimages to these Kshetrams.

I have disagreed with him on several issues and sometimes vehemently too. 
However in each instance, both of us have recognized that neither of us 
intends any malice towards the other.

I request Sriman Rengarajan to continue his informative posts based on 
his AtmArtha Anubhavam of the Lord of TiruviNNagaram.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy