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Re: Information on 2 stotrams:
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 10:50:52 PST

Dear Members:

I would like to know if anyone is aware of the sources for the 
following 2 stotrams.

The first stotram is composed ofeight verses of which the first is from the Krishna 
Karnamrutam of LeelaSukha as Dr. Sadagopan pointed out.
It goes as follows:

Verse 1 - dvitiya shakha of K. Karnamrutam
Karara vindena padara vindam
padara vindena vinive shayantam
vatasra patrasya pade shayanam 
bala mukundam manasa smarami

Verse 2
Smruhadasya Lokan Vatapatra Madhye
Shayana Madhyanta Viheena Rupam
Sarveshwaram Sarva Hitasha Taram
Bala Mukundam Manasa Smarami


The second stotram of which I have only heard mention is called
Sri Sudarshana Satakam composed by Narayana Swami (?)

Could any of the learned people on the net shed some light on these 
two stotrams.

thank you
mukund srinivasan