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Sriman Sampath Rengarajan's Mail
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Dear bAgawathALs,
In addition to all the efforts we underatke for the formal
unity among all the srivaishnavas of north america, we would
like to inform the people in the net that our first step
that was taken interms of organising a conference in buffalo
has been ackowledged by many. Notably our peers in india had
taken note of that and reproduced the the events posted in this
forum in the nrsimhap priya published from india. This is an
excellent recognition and encouragement provided to our efforts.
Those who want to follow the foot steps of acchAryALs and without
any ego in their mind are recognised for their good work by 
our indian counterparts. Similarly our only guest speaker
of the conference from the thenkalai sampradAyam, Dr Prasad
vice president of NAMA, is organisgin a conference for
srivaihnvas in new jersey Bridge water temple and invited
all the participanst of the buffalo conference to attend tghe
same and offer a speech. He had called almost all of us personally.
This may be a good chance for anyone in the net also to goto this
event if they are inthe vicinity. The one day conference is to
be held on may 3rd, 1997 at new jersey. Those of us who wish to
further the cause of srivaishnava unity may very well attend this
and the other confernces that we are about to conduct this year 
and meet one and all and discuss among themselves. 
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha sri RanganAtha swami pAdukE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan
note : I saw the cautiously worded thread of Sri Sudarshan 
on mantra etc this morning. We are eager to learn from his
inferences from his maanaseega guru. At the same time i also
request him to cover the core topic which is "is a paramArthigan
need to worship and chant mantras of nitua suris for seeking
material releif". We all dealt this in our exchanges at length
and more are to come from me on this. Sri Sudarshan's current thread
is on if mantra chanting will yield results and how one can validate
is not in serious question. However it is welcome to see the 
inferences of our learned Sri Sudarshan in his own style of writing.
I often enjoy it because it resembles the notable tamil writer
Sujatha. In a private mail i once told him that he is sujatha of
srivaishnavam. Sri Sudarshan, please also cover the core topic
from your inferences from your manaseeka guru. look forward to
your posts.

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