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old query

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Sun Mar 23 1997 - 02:10:49 PST

Dear friends,

Please forgive me my ignorance. I am not thoroughly versed in the 4000 and
was always under the impression that the Azhwars had somehow "ignored" Lord

Thanks to Sri.Mani and Sri.Dileepan I am now wiser. They have pointed out to
me the relevant "pAsuram-s" of BhutathAzhwar, Tirumangai and Pey. I am
extremely grateful to them.

I will be doubly indebted if they could also please e-mail me an English
translation/paraphrase of the same.

I am still however nonplussed over why our saint 'tirumazhisai' -- one-time
full-time resident of Kanchi -- never sang on "atthigiri-arullalar" !!

Also why "Azhwar's" as a group have given such short shrift to Lord Varada!