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Collecting all alwar and acharya thaniyans.

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Mar 22 1997 - 07:20:30 PST

Dear Sri Rangarajan Sudarsan :
Regarding your posting on collection 
of all the Taniyans and their meanings 
in one place , it is a very good idea.
It is however a huge task given there are more 
than one taniyan by our AcharyAs and poets 
like Kamban .Further , The Taniyans might 
probably fit together as an inseparable unit
with the Subject matter of their salutation 
(Viz )., AzhwAr's AruLiccheyalgaL and 
sthothrams . 

I will illustrate the size of the effort that 
one has to be prepared to undertake as one gets into
this project . This is not to say that such an 
effort is not to be attempted , but it will take 
a long time to complete by any one person .
Even then , we may wish to appreciate the Taniyans in their 
context of the AruLiccheyalgaL and sthothrams , 
which will add more to the time it takes to complete
this laudable task.I guess we ahve to go slowly.

Finally , There have been one or more postings on 
selcted Taniyans that are archived in Sri MaNI's
wonderful data Base . The classification there by 
date , author and threads is extremely impressive .


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RE:	Collecting all alwar and acharya thaniyans.

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Iam trying to collect all thaniyans of all the alwars and acharyas with 
their meaning. I would deeply apprciate if somebody in the group could 
write about all the thaniyans with their meanings. If it has been already 
posted to the group or available in the archives online , i would 
appreciate if somebody could let me know.
Iam also intersted in establishing contacts with  bhagavathas in this 
group who are living in Phoneix/(ASU) Tempe area in Arizona.

Rangarajan sudarsan
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Arizona, Tucson. Arizona.
(Guru Dhyana slokham)

Lakshminatha Samarambham , Nathayamuna Mathyamam
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