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Pujas and Bhajans

From: Shree (
Date: Sat Mar 22 1997 - 05:03:38 PST


I have just joined this list and was asked to provide an introduction as
part of the joining process. I do not have any knowledge of Vedanta or
philosophy, I am however interested in pujas and bhajans. I hope that it
is relevant to the Bhakti Mailing list.

Currently I am working on collecting all the chanting bhajans as well as
devotional songs. The bhajan collection will be available both in
transliterated form as well as in Indian scripts. I am trying to reach
as many people as possible in an effort to create a collection of
shloka-s and bhajans-s which will be useful to devotees everyehere.

If you are interested in adding to the collection, in any way you can,
please see below.

Hari Om !


I would like to receive any bhajans that you might have as part of your
temple or group or other activities. If they are already typed in
computer, you could send them via email to OR if you would
like to send us paper copies or fax them, please contact me for the

I have a site on puja-s and bhajan-s (text and audio files) which you
might like to visit. Please browse the pages when you have some time, It
is at
If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

I plan to finish the collection in about a month's time. The files will
then be available as transliterated text files, devanagarii postscript
files or gif files. We hope the Bhajan collection will be of benefit to
devotees all over the world. 

In future, we would like to setup an on-line free utility where people 
will be able to prepare handouts of their own choice of bhajan-s and

I assure you that there is no catch or promotion of any particular sect, 
group, or followings in pursuing this collection. 

I sincerely hope to receive a reply from you and some help regarding the
bhajan collection.

dhanyavaad !

Yours sincerely,

Shree Devi Kumar