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comments on Varadhan's Article

From: krish (
Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 05:18:41 PST

N.Satyan writes
<Does it make the Vadagalai Sri Vaishnavas non-existent or 
the Acharyas like Swami Desikan who was responsible in many ways in 
preserving Sri Vaishnavism under the heavy pressure of other 
philosophies?  I am afraid that if this type of attitude continues 
with younger generation in either Sampradayams, we will continue to 
discourage individuals from following SVism, dwindle in numbers and 
spend negative energy trying to prove why one is right and the other 
is wrong. >
The above and other comments to unite all Srivaishnavites is
interesting and shows the bias one develops about social groups.
To some extent these pertain to the Iyengars. If we lived in 
our homes in India, we would have continued to live with them,
and if we liberalize our views, the democracy and the DMK might
have influenced us. Abroad, we have come to see a variety of
life in practice. One may try to expand one's association with
a broader group. But why should one reastrict suc things to
SV's alone?
I have some clippings from Ft. St. George Gazette, discussing 
the Vadagali and Thengalai disagreements that brought them to the
British courts in 1740 from Parthasarthy temple in Triplicane. The
case went to the Privy council in the first half of this century.
The problem was one of economics rather than religious smpradayam.
One would loose control of the administering of the temple. All
these lost their meaning when the DMK governmemnt took over temple
What we have been brought up in and gotten used to control our
thoughts far more than what is right. Of course, what is right
depends on  time, palce and the ersons involved.
Krishna Praba