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Re Sri Varadhan's Article

From: Satyan, Nagu (MSMAIL) (
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 17:18:45 PST

From: Satyan, Nagu on Thu, Mar 20, 1997 6:18 PM
Subject: Re Sri Varadhan's Article
To: bhakti digest

I agree with Sri Dileepan Parthasarathy's comments on Sri Varadhan's 
Postings.  Does it make the Vadagalai Sri Vaishnavas non-existent or 
the Acharyas like Swami Desikan who was responsible in many ways in 
preserving Sri Vaishnavism under the heavy pressure of other 
philosophies?  I am afraid that if this type of attitude continues 
with younger generation in either Sampradayams, we will continue to 
discourage individuals from following SVism, dwindle in numbers and 
spend negative energy trying to prove why one is right and the other 
is wrong.  

Mohan's nice analysis and comments apply to Sri Vaishnavas brought up 
in Karnataka.  In our family (belonging to Vadakalai Sampradayam), one 
of my sisters is married to a Thengalai and I have cousins married 
into Thengalai families.  Of course, there are some difficulties in 
adjustments.  But that is true within any sampradayam.  In my case, 
both my husband and I belong to families from Vadakalai Sampradayam.  
We had differences in many thought process, because I was influenced 
by my parents being "Madras Iyengars" and my parents-in-law being 
Hebbar Iyengars.  Many of the SVs, especially the Hebbar Iyengars are 
influenced by the local Smarta and Madhava traditions.  However, none 
of us claim that we are the only Sri Vaishnavas.  Where feasible, we 
modify our ways, and where we differ we agree to continue with the 
sampradayam that makes us comfortable.  In a broader sense, we all 
have the same objectives.

Some of us are trying to unite SVs of all Sampradayams (Hebbar, 
Mandyam, Madras, Andhra,  Thengalai and Vadakalai).  In Colorado, we 
have a larger population of SVs from Thengalai Sampradayams.  Many of 
them are related and/or close friends to us.  Whether they are from 
Andhra or Karnataka, I have not had any indication from them that only 
they are considered Sri Vaishnavas.  I hope that Varadhan provides 

Nagu Satyan