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Re: MaNavaaLA maamunigaL - Intro (0)

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 08:18:19 PST

At 04:47 PM 3/14/97 -0700, Sri Varadhan wrote:
>[1] SriVaishnavism is often called 'Thennachaarya sampradaayam'.

>[2] We have the Srutis, paancharaatra samhitaas, smritis, 
>ithihaasaas & puraanaas and the aruLicheyals of our aazhwaars as
>the basis for SriVaishnavism. Of these, the aruLicheyals occupy a 
>very special place among the SriVaishnavites.

>[3] That is the reason why SriVaishnavism is often referred to as 
>thennaachaarya sampradaayam.

>[4] The aachaaryaas whose teachings are based on the tamizh vEdam
>are often affectionately called thennaachaaryas.

These carefully chosen words taken together seem to deny the very 
existence of Vadakalai sampradayam.  If this is so it is really
quite unfortunate.  Perhaps this view is prevalent among Sri Vaishnavas
of Thenkalai sampradayam.  May be not.

In India, orthodox Sri Vaishnavas are making effort to bring the
two sampradayams together.  A settlement has been reached at Kanchi.
Hopefully, a settlement may be reached at Sri Rangam as well.
Sri Azhagiya Singar writes about cooperation regularly.  To my knowledge
Sri Vanaamaamali Jeeyar and Azhagiya Singar did aradhanai for each other's
thiruvaaradhanai perumaal recently.  Our spiritual leaders are trying
to bridge the gap.  I think we the expatriate Sri Vasihnavas should 
eagerly follow this lead.  I hope sishyaas of each kalai will be
sensitive to each other.

sri maNavaaLa maamunigaL thiruvadigaLE saraNam

-- Dileepan