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thiruvallikkENi - 8-F (periya thirumozhi)

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 00:02:59 PST

	This is the sixth of the ten pAsurams on thiruvallikkENi. This is an excellent one which describes dhraupathi's mAna bhaN^gam and her ultimate rescue by sri krishNA. 

anNdhagan siRuva Nnarasartha marasaR
 kiLaiyava NnaNiyizhai yaicchenRu,
`enNdhamak kurimai sey'enath thariyaadhu
 `emberu maanaruL!' enna,
sanNdhamal kuzhalaaL alakkaN_nNooR Ruvartham
 peNdiru meydhinNoo lizhappa,
inNdhiran siRuvan thErmunnNin Raanaith
 thiruvallik kENikkaN dEnE.      2.3.6

an^dhagan chiRuvan-
The son of the blind (drudharAshtran)
DhuriyOdhanan is referred here..

(an^dhagan - a blind man, chiRuvan - boy (son) )

arasar tham arasarkku iLaiyavan-
The brother of the king of kings. 
dhuchchAsanan is referred to as the brother of dhuriyOdhanan who is the king of kings. Though this is what is the word by word meaning of the above phrase,
Sri PB aNNaN^garAchAriyAr (PBA) swAmy explains that dhuchchAsana respects his brother as the king of kings. This also goes to explain dhuriyOdhanan's ahaN^kAram.

(arasar - king, iLaiyavan - the younger one (brother) )

aNi izhaiyaich chenRu-
DhuchchAsanan went to dhraupathi, bedecked with beautiful ornaments

(aNi - azhagu, beautiful; izhai- jewel)
She herself is like a beautiful jewel. 

"em thamakku urimai sey" ena-
and said, "You belong to us, you are our slave"
This inherently describes the cruelty with which dhuchchAsanan forced dhraupadhi and dragged her to the court catching hold of her hair. 

thariyAdhu emberumAn! arul enna-
Not being able to bear this insult and shame, she cried "Oh! Lord, Please help me out"
dhuchchAsanan started to divest dhraupathi of her robes in front of the pANdavAs and kauravAs and all the other men in the court. She felt very insulted and ashamed of this and cried for help to sri krishNA. 

(thariyAdhu - Not being able to bear the outrageous act..; aruL - grace/ please shower your grace)

san^dham al kuzhalAL alakkaN-
Sri krishNa rescued  dhraupathi from her suffering, 
dhraupathi is described here as the most beautiful woman, with her hair as black as the darkness itself. 

(san^dham - beauty; al - darkness, kuzhal - hair, alakkaN - mental agony)

n^ooRRuvar tham peNdirum eydhi n^ool izhappa-
Sri krishNa not only rescued her from her mental agony and pain but made sure that all the wives of the 100 kauravAs experienced the same pain and mental agony by losing their husbands in the war.

(n^ooRRuvar - the 100 men, kauravAs; tham peNdir - their wives, eydhi=> alakkaN eydhi - they all experienced the same pain; n^ool - thirumAN^galyam, thAlikkayiRu; izhappa - to lose)

Sri PBA swAmy explains that this phrase describes perumAL's 2 kalyANa guNAs :
Asritha rakshaNam and Asritha virOdhi n^irasan^am. He protects His bhakthAs and destroys their enemies.

in^dhiran chiRuvan thEr mun n^inRAnai-
The one who did all the above and who stood in front of Arjuna's chariot as a charioteer, Arjunan is described as in^dhiran's son in contrast to dhuriyOdhanan as an^dhagan (dhrudhrAshtran's) son.

(thEr - chariot )

thiruvallikkENi kaNdEnE -
I was blessed to have His dharshan at thiruvallikkENi

sri rukmiNi sametha sri pArththasArathi swamy thiruvadigaLE charaNam
Vijay Triplicane

PS: In a related note, the great thamizh poet mahAkavi subramaNya bhArathi in his excellent work called pANYchAli sabatham eloquently describes the events connected to this above incident. His pANYchAli (dhraupadhi) character is quite forward thinking (pudhumaip peN)
In SCT (soc.culture.tamil), for a change, something nice is happening: A thamizh poem is posted every day and is being discussed. I posted this bhArathi's poem some time back. I thought of sharing this with the group:

This is from panchali sabatham - bhaarathiyaar 
dhinam oru paadal - 4 Mar 97

dhraupathi tells this to dhuriyOdhanan's servant who came to take her to the

n^aayagar thaan^thammai thORRa pin - ennai
n^algu murimai avarkkillai, - pulaith
thaayaththi lEvilaip pattapin, enna
saaththirath thaalenaith thORRit taar? avar
thaayaththi lEvilai pattavar; - puvi
thaaN^gun^ dhurupathan kanni n^aan - n^ilai
saayap pulaiththoNdu saarn^dhittaal - pinbu
thaara mudaimai yavarkkuNdO!

thaayam - the game of dice (gambling)
dhraupathi poses this question: On what authority did those paaNdavaas bet me
in the game after losing themselves first? They don't have any right to do this.
I am dhurupathan's daughter now. 

bhaarathi portrays his favourite pudhumaip peN's character here.