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Vaarttaamaalai - 396

From: M Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Mar 18 1997 - 06:35:22 PST

Vaarttai 396 of Vaarttaamaalai (Free translation of Putthur Swami's

Regarding Sri VibheeshaNa (Sri VibheeshaNaazhvaan), Hanumaan says,
"VibheeshaNa has come here whole-heartedly  desirous of the kingdom (raajyam
praarthayamaanastu buddhi poorvam iha aagatah)," [Ram. Yuddh. 17-65], and Lord
Sri Rama says, "the Raakshasa VibheeshaNa is also desirous of the kingdom
(raajya kaangkshee ca raakshasah)." [Ram. Yuddh. 18-13]. From this it appears
that VibheeshaNa is a seeker of wealth or sovereignty (aisvaryaarthi). On the
other hand since he abandoned all his wealth along with kith and kin, and
sought refuge in Lord Sri Rama, he also seems to be a person that does not
want anything other than the Lord (ananyaprayojanan). How is it possible for
him to be both? 

The answer should be construed thus: Just as we, in spite of being persons who
have taken refuge (prapannar) with a view of obtaining moksha, hold on to such
objects of enjoyment (bhogyam) as lawfully wedded wives, food and drink (koNda
peNdir, uNNum coRu, paruku neer) until our bodies last, VibheeshaNaazhvaan, in
spite of being an ananyaprayojanan who does not care for anything other than
the Lord, enjoys for the duration of his life PerumaaL's gift of sovereignty
over Lanka also.