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thiruvallikkENi - 8-C. (periya thirumozhi)
Date: Mon Mar 17 1997 - 16:11:36 PST

The second interesting observation in thirumangai's pasuram is that 
he followed the style of namaaazwwr in presenting the two contrasting
poruL or patham or vishayam that our Lord is present in. Nammazwaar
presented a oRRumai vERRumai on Lord Oppiliappan whereinhe says
"vidamum amuthumaay" and "vel pagaiyum natpumaay" and several other
ie the lord is present as the antharyamim ineverything both good and
bad. As
per gOpala vimsathi, when he sucked her life, he also sucked both the
and bad of her totally. As per some explanations, it is said that when
boodanai was cremated a 
pleasant odor (like burning the sandal wood) was present even though she
was a demon and it was not the case
generally for demon ! ie The Lord became both as the poison and as the 
amirtham. The notable sequence in those ten pasurams of nammazwaar was
that he will present the "negative" attribute first and the positive
next. Same
way, here thirumanagi presented the episode of quenching the vidam of
boodanai first and then the episode of distributing the amirtham
next even though by chronology the avathArams of these two are reversed
order. This sequence is delivered in such a way that when bad things
are first taken care by the Lord, good things are to follow as well.
There are more insights available for this pasuram which can be dealt at 
a later date. This is what i can offer as a follow up ex-tempore. I will
write from the vyAkyanam later if time permits. 
Good job Sri Viji, keep it up, i will pick up the batton
from you and continue the thread after the pasurams are dealt.
Sri Rukminith thAyAr samEtha Sri Parthasarathy perumal thiruvadikaLE 
Sampath Rengarajan