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MM's YathirAja Vimsathi-part 3/Slokam 3

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Mar 16 1997 - 11:55:35 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakthi Group : 

In this slokam , MM pays tribute to the acharya paramparA 
originating from RamAnujA . In the previous slokam , he had
described RamAnujA as the Raja Hamsam residing at the 
lotus feet of Sri RanganAthan , the bee that drinks deep from  
the Sri Sookthis of NammmAzhwAr and as the Sun that lightens up 
the faces of PeiyAzhwAr and Thirumangai . He concluded 
that slokam with a special tribute to KuresA . It probably 
occured then to MM that he may be singling out one of the dear 
disciples of AchArya RamAnujA and leaving out other great ones .
It appears to me that MM hastened to provide balance by
choosing the topic of the next slokam  as a homage to other 
simhAsanApathis appointed by RamAnujA . 

In this third slokam , MM prays for his mind to be blessed 
always with the thoughts about the sacred feet of all 
the AchAryas  appointed to the Acharya Peetams by
RaamAnujA . This slokam is as follows :

vaachA yathindra ! manasaa vapushA cha 
yushmath paadhAravindha yugaLam bhajathAm guruNAm I
kurooadhinaatha kurukesa mukhA aadhya pumsAm
paadhAnuchintana para: sathatham bavEyam II

( Meaning) : O Emperor of SanyAsis ! May my mind be filled
always with the thoughts of the holy feet of those  decorating 
the AchArya Peetams like KurEsa , Thirukkurhai PirAn PiLLai 
and others , who are forever offering homage to your lotus feet
through their speech, mind and body .

Bhagavatha seshathvam
This slokam is a celebration of Taddhdaasa daasathvam 
prescribed by NammAzhwAr through his famous paasuram
passage , " enthai pirAn tanakku adiyAradiyAr tam 
adiyAradiyAr tam adiyAr adiyOngaLE " . 

PBA Swamy has suggested that this slokam is based 
on the RaamAnusa NooRanthadhi (RN) paasuram,
" TannaiuRRtcheynthanmainOr " (97th paasuram of RN ) . 

AmudanAr's 97th paasuram
Let me digress to comment on this paasuram . AmudanAr 
says : " Thann tahavAl tannai uRRAr anRi tanmai uRRAr illai
enRu aRindhu tannai uRRArai guNam sARRidumE " 
AmudanAr salutes the generous and compassionate quality 
of RamAnujA here . The AcharyA  was concerned that the bhakthAs 
in their enthusiasm for offering prapatthi to him directly  did
not fully comprehend the greatness of his disciples , who had 
performed prapatthi to him . These are AchAryAs like KurEsa,
Kurhai PirAn, Madai paLLI aacchAn, EmbAr , et al . RamAnujA 
suggested that Bhattar offer prapatthi to EmbAr instead of to him 
or to his father KurEsa to deflect the light and to let that shine on
the glory of EmbAr . Similarly the proud PiLLai PiLLai AzhwAn 
was instructed to offer praptthi to Kuresar .

SaasthrAs state that we should broadcast the 
glory of our AcharyAs( Gurum Prakaasayeth ) . A compassionate 
AcharyA however celebrates his dear disciples and speaks of
their glories too ! RamAnuja instructed AmudanAr to offer Prapatthi
to KurEsa instead of to him directly for the purpose of
reminding others of KurEsA's glorious accomplishments and 
AchArya Bhakthi . 

First in the series of 17 slokams on Prayer to RamAnujA
The third slokam is the first in the series of 17 slokams 
by MM offering  prayers  to RamAnujA for obtaining his 
blessings for Kaayika , Maanasa , Vaachika kaimkaryam 
to him . These slokams are full of the sentiments of 
svanikarshAnusandhAnam (i-e) , expression of his 
inadequacies and his deficiencies to approach the great 
AchaaryA . He describes himself to be an unfeeling 
person , who has committed Bhagavadh , Bhagavatha
and AsahyApachArams . He cries out loud in a spirit 
of Naicchiyam (repentance and despair ) and begs for 
RaamAnujA's grace , DayA and KshamA . 

AazhwAr , Aacharyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan