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Thuyar varin ninaimin

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Sat Mar 15 1997 - 08:34:01 PST

The first 10 verses of Thirumangai Azhvaas's Periya 
Thirumozhi seem to be very relevant for the present 
discussion started by Chi. Mani.  Even though I am 
familiar with only a very small portion of the 4000, I 
think no where else would one find "karpaNyam" 
expressed more vividly than these 10 paasurams.  Yet, 
in the 10th paasuram aazhvaar prescribes 
thiruvashtaaksharam even for worldly relief.

manchulaam sOlai vaNdaRai maan^eer
 mangaiyaar vaaL kalikanRi,
sencholaal eduttha dheiva nanmaalai
 ivaikoNdu sikkenath thoNdeer!,
thunchumbOdhu azhaimin thuyarvaril ninaimin
 thuyarileer sollilum nanRaam,
nanchuthaan kaNdeer nammudai vinaikku
 naaraayaNaa vennum naamam.

(Dear bhagavathaas, these 10 divinely verses in sweet 
Tamil composed by KalikanRi, the Lord of Thirumangai
show the efficacy of thiruvashtaakhram.  Recite this
manthram and it is sure to annihilate all our karmaas.
Recite it at the time death is near; recite it when
you are grief stricken; even if you are free from 
grief reciting it is good.)

thuncumpOthu: the time when death is near
kanRi: anger;
KalikanRi: The one with anger towards Kali

The Azhvaar first says, "thuyar varin ninaimin" (think 
of it when grief strikes you), and only then does he 
say, "thuyarileer sollilum nanRaam" (it is good even if 
you are free from grief).  Further, note that aazhvaar 
gives an option of reciting it or not if you are free 
from grief (sollilum nanRaam).  This phrase almost
seems like an after thought.  The emphasis is clearly
on "thuncumbOthu" and "thuyar varin".  The last part
"thyarileer" sounds as if the Azhvar is just covering
all bases.  That is, just in case there is someone
out there who is free of grief, this manthram is good
even for you.

In any case, for those of us who are burdened with grief,
no doubt caused by worldly wants,  there is no option, 
the divine manthram is the panacea.

Thus, let us follow the Azhvaar's command and ask our 
Lord to free us from our grief.  There is nothing wrong
in asking Him anything.  He is our Lord and He is ready
and waiting to give us anything we want, "koLLak kuRaivilan,
vENdiRRellaam tharum vaLLal" (Thiruvaay mozhi 3.9.5).

-- thanks, Dileepan