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Re: thiruvallikkENi - 8-C. (periya thirumozhi)

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Sat Mar 15 1997 - 05:36:33 PST

At 05:26 PM 3/14/97 -0800, Vijay Triplicane wrote:
>vaNYchanai seyyath thaayuru vaagi vanNdhapE
>    [ ... ]
>peNNuru vaagi, aNYchuvai yamudha manRaLith

There is an interesting similarity and contrast
between the two female forms referred here.  

They are similar becasue both female forms are
out of character.  The demon with hatred in her
heart is the very anthithesis of motherhood.  
On the other hand, for our Lord, who is the only
"male", female form is totally out of character.
Periyavaachaan piLLai says, "purushOththamanaana
thanakku sEraadha vadivaikkondu".

The contrast:  The demon took the female form
to feed poison to the divine baby.  The Lord's
female form is to rescue Amritham for the benefit
of Devaas.

thanks, Dileepan