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About Garuda Manthra

From: Satyan, Nagu (MSMAIL) (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 13:24:38 PST

From: Satyan, Nagu on Fri, Mar 14, 1997 2:22 PM
Subject: About Garuda Manthra
To: bhakti digest

My mother who lives with me read all the postings on Sri Garuda 
Manthram.  Yesterday night, she asked me to send this post on her 
behalf.  She had narrated this incident when we were young.  However, 
I forgot about it until she reminded me yesterday.

According to my mother this incident happened more than 70 years back 
in Lakshmipuram, near Kuppam, Chitoor District.  There is a Varadaraja 
perumal koil there. This temple is more than 700 tears old.  My 
(Nagu's)  great great grandfathers on my paternal side are from here.  
We still have our property in the koil street.  Our family priest as 
well as my father's cousin is Late Sri Madabushi Gopalan.  We used to 
call him VAdiyAr Mama.  He performed the namakarnam, Ayushhomam, as 
well as the weddings for all the children.  He had relayed the 
incident to her when she moved to Bangalore after her marriage in 1944.

In Lakshmipuram, my father'sfamily were the sponsors for Vairamudi 
Sevai every year.  This takes plave at the same time as Melkote.  
During the annual uthsavam period,  one afternoon when this uncle was 
lying down on the cot he saw a large snake crawling on the wooden 
rafters and about to drop down.  Being very young and wanting to test 
the effect of Sri Garuda Manthram, he recited it loud.  Immediately 
the snake became still and was hanging limp.  Apparently, they had to 
kill it since it was motionless.  This uncle regreted that he tested 
the effect of the manthram.  Later,  in early 1950's he built a home 
in Banasankari, Bangalore.  At that time, the area was wooded.  There 
also, a snake was seen near his home.  After his earlier experience, 
he decided to let the snake be there.  However, as the neighbors moved 
in and saw the snake crawling freely around the homes, they resorted 
to kill it.

The message my mother wanted to convey is that Garuda Manthram does 
 have an effect and purpose when used appropriately.  It is a question 
of belief.  This incident is being provided for information and it is 
upto individuals to decide on the merits of manthra.

With Regards

Nagu Satyan for Smt. Rajalakshmi Rangaswamy