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Date: Thu Mar 13 1997 - 07:00:02 PST

Sri Mani writes:

*Sri Murali writes:
> Since my posts seem to be objectionable to Sri Mani, this is my 
> last post on the subject.
I am quite tired of people taking remarks completely
out of context. I have never once suggested that the
posts themselves are objectionable.  In fact I thanked
Murali at the beginning of my post precisely to avoid
this kind of sentiment.
I have the utmost respect for Mani's contributions and his pioneering efforts 
in starting this forum and bringing together Bhagavatas from around the 
world. For this Kainkaryam, he will surely be blessed by Lord Narayana. 
Therefore, the following is not intended to be a personal criticism of Sri 
Mani in any way. I would just like to go on record for one last time to 
clarify my position.

I have been on this list for a considerable 
amount of time and during this period, I have observed a disturbing trend.
Some members have been the target of vitriolic attack for presenting the views 
of our Purvacharyas on this group. For example, a couple of years ago, Sriman 
Dileepan was the first to endure these abuses. Just to refresh everybody's  
memory, Sriman Sampath Rengarajan's efforts in presenting Swami Desikan's 
works was labeled as a "verbatim reproduction". Worse was to follow when 
Sri Ramaswamy came under fire for posting excerpts from his book "Hinduism 
Rediscovered". Hark, even H.H. the 44th Jeeyar of of Ahobila Matham was not 
spared of vitriol in this forum. In our 
professional lives, we suck up to the egos of our bosses, managers, chairmen 
(by following all the necessary protocols and taking utmost care to keep them 
happy) and then consider ourselves erudite enough to pass judgements on the 
actions of an Acharya of that caliber. Worse still, such attacks were 
condoned and to my disgust even encouraged in the name of the 
right to free speech. I wish to point out that silence in these instances is 
tantamount to endorsing such actions and definitely constitutes Bhagavata 

I am not questioning Mani's intent of genuinely seeking clarification to issues 
in our Sampradayam. Just thanking someone for their contributions does not 
mean that a veiled remark or two can simply be glossed over. However, given 
the above background and a consistent pattern of ad hominem attacks, such 
comments cannot be taken at face value.

Sri Mani's remarks were never taken out of context. Any 
person with some native intelligence (which I am sure all members in the 
list are blessed with in abundance) would have construed the comments to mean:

(1) Swami Desikan's poetic skills are just a figment of imagination.
(2) Swami Desikan's posts are unwelcome on the list simply because the 
owner does not have a liking for them.
(3) Swami Desikan's attribution of his accomplishments to the Mantra Siddhi 
on account of the Garuda Mantram, Hayagriva Mantram ought to be discounted.
(4) It is prescribed for Sri Vaishnavas that "Recite Mantrams and get results".
    As a result, the religion smacks of selfishness. Better yet, invoke the 
    words of Gitacharyan in defense of such statements.

    When asked to substantiate and provide instances of such statements 
being made in our Sampradayam by our Acharyas, it is easy to resort to the 
anonymity of a computer terminal and cop out with the lame excuse that their 
remarks are being taken out of context. 

If anything, the remarks that were taken out of context, misrepresented and 
misinterpreted were my comments on the Phala Shruti of Swami Desikan's 
Garuda Dandakam.

I never stated that a Sri Vaishnava acharya taught that mantras 
should be uttered for results. I was merely restating
what people in the general Sri Vaishnava population
say. I have no idea whether an acharya has taught
this way or not.

I merely brought up some honest questions I had concerning
the fruits and purpose of mantra japam. I am astonished
at how easily people get unnecessarily offended at some
mild and sincere questioning.  

Aksharas used in Mantrams have special significance and deep connections to 
Nada. For example, the term sooktam means "well said". The resulting 
vibrations from proper prayogam of Anudhata, Udhata and Svarita 
are conducive to elevated thoughts and deeds. A similar reasoning may be used 
to explain the results of Mantra Siddhi. 

Sri Murali: I intended you no insult or offense. If you
do not wish to post any further, I am not going to beg you
to do so. But please do not take my words out of context
again as if it were a personal attack.

Pardon me if my words are strong, but I have lost patience.


I don't care whether someone begs me to post on the group or not. I do not 
seek a pat on the back nor do I fish for compliments. I do not need any 
mollycoddling either. I undertake these postings as a Bhagavad Kainkaryam, 
with a view to sharing my humble knowledge in an extended Satsangam 
afforded by the medium of the internet in a respectful and edifying manner. 
My motivation for posting the piece on Garuda is best described in Sri Sampath 
Rengarajan's words "Adiyaruku Adiyar". It is in this spirit that I eulogize
Pakshi Rajan in my posts. I leave it to knowledgable scholars like Srimans 
Rengarajan and Sadagopan to expound on the concept of Adiyaruku Adiyar.

I have come across many wonderful people on the Bhakti list from whose postings 
I have learnt a lot about our Kula Dhanam. I am thankful to Sri Mani 
for enabling me to participate in this Satsangam. I would like to thank Srimans 
Sadagopan, Rengarajan, Dileepan, KalaLe, Bharadwaj, Sarangapani, Tatachar, 
Sudarshan, Vijay Srinivasan, Sunder Kidambi and a number of other Bhagavatas 
for their efforts and support. 

Many Bhagavatas have requested me not to leave the forum and to continue 
posting on the list. I am extremely thankful to them for their kind words. 
Since I consider such requests as Bhagavad Niyamanam, I 
shall mail them my humble inferences from our Kula Dhanam off line as 
and when my time permits. However as far as the Bhakti list is concerned, 
I feel it is best for me to be a patient listener rather than a contributor. 
Quite frankly, I am incapable of reaching the dizzying heights that others 
bring to bear on the discussions.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy