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Purpose of prayers

From: krish (
Date: Thu Mar 13 1997 - 04:42:03 PST

Mani writes
<I never stated that a Sri Vaishnava acharya taught that mantras 
should be uttered for results. I was merely restating
what people in the general Sri Vaishnava population
say. I have no idea whether an acharya has taught
this way or not.
Most of the mantras and compositions end with the sloka
on the results that are expected from them Saharanamam is
a good example: sick relief from pain, artha-seekers wealth
and so on.
I recall a family llore, a cousin of mine at 12 or 13 filled up
his examination paper with Sri Ramajayam instead of anwers.
He might have flunked the test but was fairly successful
in life.
One is agoal seeker of mundane things or moksha. And our
prayers do promise relief. And acharyas do advice prayers
and anushtanams.
All our attempts are effectively ways to satisfy our own
thoughts, which are controlled by the PUPPETEER.
Krishan Praba