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vibheeshana sharanagati

From: Parimala Rangarajan Ranga 61-8-899 96674 (
Date: Thu Mar 13 1997 - 12:43:38 PST

Dear bhakthas,

I recall having listened to various discourses on Ramayanam, however, both
Bala Krishna Shastrigal and Anna Swamy Bagavathar have extensively explored
the Vibeeshana Sharanagathi episode.

Can someone tell me as to what is the salient aspects and rationale of 
Vibeeshana Sharanagathi? 

What intrigues me further is that Vibeeshana, when he approaches the Rama, the 
lord accpets him with open arms, but, when Sita returns after the Ashoka-vana 
period, Rama does not accept her in the same way. Why this discrimination?


PS: Also, kshama is one of our greatest virtues, so, I beseech the parties in 
argument over the Garuda episode to reconcile.

PS: Also, I had recently sent two stories on our visit to Dwaraka and Somnath, 
they seem to have been lost. I'll try and send them again.