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Re: Bhakti archives online

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Wed Mar 12 1997 - 08:31:21 PST

At 10:23 PM 3/11/97 EST, Sri V. Sadagopan wrote to Sri Mani:
>Please accept my most sincere thanks for all
>of your continous efforts to be of utmost help
>to the members of the Bhakthi group.

I also wish to thank Sri Mani for his efforts in maintaining
our Bhakthi list.  Special thanks to Sri V. Sadagopan and 
Sri Sudarshan but for whom this list will exist only in theory.

I think this list belongs to all of us.  If what we post attracts
debate we should face it boldly and argue our case, not threaten
to walk out.  If we did, we will be walking out from what is ours.

As we debate issues we must not offend other members.  If a perfunctory
"sorry if I offend" is followed by a volley of curt and condescending
remarks, we don't have cause to be surprised if offense is taken.

Thanks, Dileepan