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Re: Garuda

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 21:41:11 PST

Sri Murali writes:
> Since my posts seem to be objectionable to Sri Mani, this is my 
> last post on the subject.

I am quite tired of people taking remarks completely
out of context. I have never once suggested that the
posts themselves are objectionable.  In fact I thanked
Murali at the beginning of my post precisely to avoid
this kind of sentiment.

I never stated that a Sri Vaishnava acharya taught that mantras 
should be uttered for results. I was merely restating
what people in the general Sri Vaishnava population
say. I have no idea whether an acharya has taught
this way or not.

I merely brought up some honest questions I had concerning
the fruits and purpose of mantra japam. I am astonished
at how easily people get unnecessarily offended at some
mild and sincere questioning.  

Sri Murali: I intended you no insult or offense. If you
do not wish to post any further, I am not going to beg you
to do so. But please do not take my words out of context
again as if it were a personal attack.

Pardon me if my words are strong, but I have lost patience.