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recite the mantra- Get the results!

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 16:48:37 PST

**************Mani Wrote ...*************************************
Aside from the fact that this 
tale has nothing to do with Bhagavan Garuda's wisdom or
devotion, these ``recite the mantra and get results''
stories smack of a very unenlightened and selfish form 
of religion, one that is not respected very much by
Krishna himself (recall the classification of adhikaaris
in the Gita)
***************************end quote*************************
I had been having this question for a long time. 
Probably this is what is the inherent manifestation of an ordinary soul's 
Bheethi. (Or the avidhya or whatever that covers his NYaanam)
There could arise some testing situations for which we need an immediate solution, be it a short term one. This is when we tend to fall for 
'recite the mantra and get the results'.

I feel kinda disheartened to see a BIG list of what all to do, how to do in great detail about the sundhara kaaNdam pArAyaNam. By the side of each modality 
the 'palan's will also be listed. This looks sorta commercial to me more than anything spiritual. 

If somebody has a deep devotion and love towards Rama and Sita and especially 
hanumAn, they should just go ahead and read it however they feel like. I am NOT 
saying anything against those who read it by some pArAyaNa muRai. It is the question of the order of preference between the mode of pArAyaNam and the 
devotional aspect to it.  

We are all (atleast I am) some ordinary soul(s) going through several difficult 
situations in this samsAram. We very much need some kinda solace. We will definitely be very satisfied if somebody understands our problem and shows us a way to get rid of the obstacles. More so if it is of the form: 
If ur obstacle is X,
	Do Y and it will go away.

My point is that a person needs to be more mature to realize that these are just
kAmyArtha and are nowhere near the bhakthi/prapaththi paths towards mOksham.
As Mani says:

It seems to me that someone who has surrendered his 
very self to the Divine Lord should already be free
from these worldly concerns, or at least try to be so.
Is this not why a prapanna is described by Desika as
a kRta-kRtya (one who has done what ought to be done,
and is therefore supremely satisfied in his Self)?

This calls for a good, deep understanding of our religion and a high level of maturity. 
Is there anything like "recite this, You will get that maturity????:-) :-)"
(Just kidding..)

I am NOT finding fault with anybody or any mode of bhakthi. These opinions are entirely mine. I am just expressing them out loud. I am open to any 
(Infact i myself am reading sundhara kANdam for my sister's marriage, ofcourse not on any strict timeline. Sometimes i even read some portions twice!! just 
bcos i feel good about it....It is just the belief in our family to do so..)

My 2 cents worth...