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another paasuram by nammAzhwAr..

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 18:09:33 PST

This is also from thiruvAymozhi.

mallikai kamazthenRal iru maalO!
  vaNkuRiNY chiyichai thavazu maalO,
chelkathir maalaiyum mayakku maalO!
  chekkarnNan mEkangaL chithaikku maalO,
alliyanN thaamaraik kaNNan emmaan
  aayargaL ERari yERem maayOn,
pulliya mulaigaLum thOLum kondu
  pukalitam aRikilam thamiya maalO!  -- tvm 9.9.1

mallikai kamazh theNnRal Irum AlO-
Oh! The jasmine fragrance of the southerly breeze is cutting through us,
(mallikai - jasmine, kamazh theNnRal- the fragrance being carried by the breeze 
blowing in the southern direction (this is said to be cool). Instead of this 
fragrance bringing in some freshness, it cuts through us),Irum - to cut through.

vaN kuRiNYchi isai thavaRum AlO-
The melodious kuRiNYchi metre is piercing us,
isai - music, kuRiNYchi - a particular type of metre, thavaRum - to pierce 
(One is supposed to feel very good listening to the melodious music, but this 
one is piercing us)

chelkathir maalaiyum mayakkum AlO-
The dusk  makes us lose our conscience (about to faint)
(The dusk is described as the evening where the sun has just set, kathir - sun,
chelkathir - The sun which has just set, maalai - evening, mayakkam - being unconscious)

chekkar nNal mEgaNGgaL chithaikkum AlO,
The sight of red clouds wrecks us..
(chekkar - red, nNal mEgaNGgaL-  beautiful clouds, chithaikkum - to put down, destroy. )

alliyaNn thaamaraik kaNNaNn emmaaNn
My Lord! who has eyes like lotuses,
(thaamarai - lotus, emmaaNn - our dear Lord)

aayargaL ERu ariyERu em maayONn-
He is like a lion in the cowherd clan
(aayargaL - the cowherds, ari - lion, maayONn - the 'magician'!!)

pulliya mulaigaLum thOLum kondu
  pukalitam aRikilam thamiya maalO!

You enjoyed with us hugging our breasts and shoulders, we don't know how to reach you and be with you always, Oh Lord!
(pulliya - the ones you hugged, mulaigaL- breasts, thOLum- shoulder, puklitam - resting place, aRikilam - we don't know..)