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shOlingur thala purANam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Mar 07 1997 - 12:04:29 PST

Dear bAgawathALs,

The thala purANam for sholingar known as thiruk kadigai was first presented by
me with an analysis on march 10 1995, 2 years back in this forum. Since then it
had reappeared in the forum thrice. I am currently adding some more to it so
that it can be re printed on March 24 the day of panguni uththiram. If anyone
including the new comers to the forum needs more info on this or a copy of the
existing one, please send me an email to Since my reference
to the sholingar thala purANam in the series on thiru allik kENi (with the part
of theLLiya singa perumaL)  is generating interest for some, I thought of
giving this note in the forum.