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RE: Sri Tridandi Jeear Swamy

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Thu Mar 06 1997 - 23:20:32 PST

Mr. Gansten writes:

>I wonder if you could tell me:
>        1) a little about the Jeeyar, as I know only his name; and
>        2) whether he (or any other other Sri Vaishnava acharya that you're
>aware of) ever visits any European countries.

Sri Tridandi SrimanNarayana Ramanuja Jeear hails from the State of Andhra
Pradesh, and has his permanent Ashramam in Sitanagaram, near the city of
Vijayawada.  He is of the Koil Kandadai family, whose roots can be traced
back to Sri Ramanuja's direct disciple, Dasarathy.  While the title of
SrimanNarayana Jeear can be traced back to the time of Manavalamamunigal,
this present Jeear is only the second one to have the title of
SrimanNarayana Ramanuja Jeear in this century.

The previous Jeear was this present one's paternal grandfather in his
poorvaashramam. I recently came to learn that he took sanyasam under the
tutelage of Srirangam Embaar Jeear.  He developed renown among SriVaishnavas
of both schools in the 1950s and 1960s through his propogation of the
worship of the Lord as Ramavatharan.  He was known to travel throughout
India arranging for the construction of large pillars outside temples that
would contain completed Ramakoti books (notebooks in which devotees write
the name of SriRama repeatedly as a form of worship.)

The present Jeear took sanyasam from the elder Jeear twenty years ago at the
relatively early age of 20, and was trained by a learned scholar in
Hyderabad, Sri U. Ve. Gopalachariar.  In spite of having been born and
raised in Andhra, the Jeear quickly picked up the nuances of both the proper
pronunciation and esoteric meaning of the Prabhandam, and is now beginning
to be known for his expertise in the esoteric meaning of Tbiruvaymozhi.

His enthusiasm and dedication to the continuation of our Sampradayam has
motivated Jeear Swamy to be the first SriVaishnava Acharya to travel outside
of India.  So far, all of his trips have been to North America, but I would
imagine that he would probably be willing to visit Europe if Bhagavathas
would make arrangements for him to come there.

The US wing of the Jeear's Educational Trust organization has very recently
established a web page on Jeear Swamy and his teachings.  The address for
this site is:

Daasanu Daasan,