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Thiru allik kENi - Part 4 - Abode for amsams of Lord's Pancha Ayudham

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 06:20:07 PST

Thiru allik kENi - Part 4 - Abode for amsams of Lord's pancha Ayudham

 This place is also
holy and unique in one way that no other of the 106  DD
ever  had. ie The three mudal azhwaars met thiru  mazhi
sai  azhwaar in a cave here and as they approached  the
cave  they saw the "arutperum jothi" or the anatha kodi
sooryap  prakaasam emitting from this cave.  When  they
approached  the cave they saw thirumazhisai azhwaar  in
penance. Thus the amsam or the incarnation of Lord's  4
weapons met here. ie Only in Srikrishna avatharam  that
the Lord had used  4 of HIS 5 weapons that are known as
HIS pancha ayudham here. THIS being the main cinnam  or
seer  or  replica for krishna avathAram (as per vYasa's
archa  vigraham  simliar  to Lord  Ranganatha  of  rama
avathAram), there is no wonder one can derive the truth
that  all  the  4  azwaars  would  have  met  here  and
associated them with this Lord as per this avatharam.

Lord  Krishna  used Gathi known as gamothaki
to destroy  shalva's  chariot
that Shiva gave to Shalva. Krishna used shaarnagma to do
away with shalva's entire forces. Finally HE used chakra to
kill him.
Lord Krishna used chaarngam to put Shiva to sleep using
the  baaNam "Jarimbhak", a sleep prevailing weapon and Shiva lost in
deep slumber.  When Siva came to fight with  Lord
Krishna.  Shiva  was siding with bAnAsura  and  opposed
aniruththan's  taking asuyayai. Siva was  humbled  here
and pleaded to Sri Krishna for forgiving himself and as
well bAnAsura. This is said to be the main reason as to
why  Siva  worship is not *recommended* for a surrendered
Srivaishnava.  ie  Shiva has a karma bhavam  associated
with him  and  it  is this bhavam that  made  him  act
against   the   eternal  GOD  Sri   Krishna.   So   All
Srivaishnavaas   worship   exclusively   Lord   Krishna
(Vishnu) only.
Lord Krishna used to Changam several times in HIS
avathAram and we will write a whole part on this
changam alone.
Lord Krishna used Chakram also few times.(Sishu palan,
When we meet in Buffalo we found a strength when we realised that
most of the heavy weights are under one roof and praising the Lord.
If we mortals feel this way imagine how four of the amsams of the
lord would have felt when they met here in this shrine. The mudhal azwaars
were already feeling high when they met at the puzhakkadai of uLagalanthaan

I am dedicating a whole section for pEyazwaar and will attempt to
provide many insights.

The four amsams are

Gathi - poygai azwaar
chaarngam - bootha azwaar
changam - pEy azwaar
chakram - thiru mazhisai azwar
vaaL and uRai - thiru mangai azwaar

The first four of them met here and pEy azwaar delivered a pasuram
on behalf of the three mudhal azwaars while thiru mazhisai delivered
a pasuram and thirumangai later delivered a decade.

Sri rukminith thaayaar samEtha Sri pArthsArathy perumal
thirvadikaLE charaNam

Sampath Rengarajan

note: This serial is intended to come in 18 parts. Though it started with
the request from a bAgawathAL, i am begining to receive dozens of mails
from many other chennai vaasis appreciating the work. I am trying to light
an agal viLakku with my limitted knowledge and i feel it is my great priveleage
to work with 4 other chennai vasis on this series and i invite them to post
on this kshEthram their personal anubavam and celebration of the Lord. No
matter one can preach the depth of the subject to a great extent by reading a
vyaakyaanam or book or listeing to a kaalkashEbam but as per Swami desikan that
knowledge will not come to one's mind at the moment they depart if they donot
have their own anushtaanam and anubavam of the Lord. In this sense the anubavam
of the following chennai vaasis (or one time chennai vaasis) are matcheless and
certainly above mine. Thus I pray to them to join me and glorify the pugazh of
Lord Parathsarathy of triplicane.

They are

Swamin Sri. Anibil Ramaswawy
Swamin Sri. V SadagOpan
Sriman Viji Triplicane
Smt Vaidehi
Sri Ramesh Sarangapani

I invite them to light the kuththu viLakku and glorify the Lord's pugazh
in whatever way they can in the parts specified for them.

The following is the proposed parts and the pasrt will be posted
in the order they are presented below.

Part   Title
1      My poem
2      Venkata Krishnan puRANam
3      Sannidhyam of the ThAyAr vEdavalli (and temple details)
4.     Abode for amsams of Krishna's pancha ayudham
5.     Uniqueness of being a pancha kshEtrham in itself (deals the 5 sannithis
         in great details and pasurams)
6.     grace of thelliya singa perumaal (with some very important comaprisons
          and clues)
7.     Similarities to thiruppathi, srirangam  and special occassions
8.     pEy  azhwaar's celebration of partha sArathy (Sri VS helped on some key
9.     pillai perumaal iyengar's paadal on parthsarathy
10.    Bharathi's paadal on parathasarathy (Smt Vaidehi)
11.    alankaara varNanai (Smt Vaidehi)
12.    Festivities (Smt Vaidehi on all *major* and *unique* festivites ie)
13.    paarthan thEr mun ninRaan (selected first 5 pasurams of thirumangai
       (Sri Viji)
14.    Ramanuja avathram (SR/ Sri.Viji)
15.    maNavaaLa maamunigaL mangaLA saasanam (Sri. Viji)
16.    Swami deiskan's anubavam (Sri VS with his own personal experiences)
17.    Oru chennai vaasiyin anubavam (Sri AR/Sri Ramesh Sarangapani/SR)
18.    (conclusion) thirvadi sErvaarkaLE on last pasuram of thirumangai and
       from Srimad bagwadh geetha (SR)