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Re: thiru allik kENi - from Smt. VaidhEhi

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 18:17:30 PST

As per Smt. VaidhEhi's request, I am posting this on the net.

> Vijay Triplicane wrote:
> >One can never take his/her eyes off His thirumuga maNdalam.
> --Yes indeed. What could be more beautiful than His many azhagiya
> ThirukkOlams?
> >all the uthsavams are like some function at their homes.  It is really a great experience to see the sense of ownership and participation of the thirvallikkENi'ites during the uthsavams.. 
> ---This too is true. When He has brahmotsavam, everything including
> amma's thaligai times revolve around it! You look forward to seeing one
> vaahanam and before the joy of that ends, there is another, now more
> beautiful and tempting. It is a year long affair with this Perumal and
> koil. Some Perumal will be having some utsavam on any given day
> throughout the year.
> Well I can go on and on, instead will let u all enjoy Sri. Rengarajan's
> posts. Look forward to more of them on my Ishta deivam.
> Vaidehi V(enkatakrishnan) Raja