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Melkote, Thirumazhisai aazhvaar

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 11:39:57 PST

[note forwarded on behalf of Murali Vanamamalai]

From: Murali Vanamamalai
Date:  3 Mar 97 13:35:43 EDT

Dear Sri.  Mani, 

I thought I could post this even after unsubscribing. But this came came back. 
If you dont mind, would appreciate if you could kindly post this to bakthi-list 
.  I will subscribe next week with my new ID. 

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Srimathe Ramanujaaya Namaha: 

Sri Sudarshan wrote ........
 Most members make generous use of Sanskrit and Tamil expressions in their
 learned and interesting posts. It is a wonder how beautifully sometimes
 these Sanskrit and Tamil expressions blend with English in some your posts
 (I will post examples later)!!

 Thirumashisai Alwar has confirmed/approved this.   

                    VithaiyAga  narThamishai  vitree    
                    En  uLLathai  Nee vilaithai  
                    Katra MoshiyAgi  Kalandhu 
---- Naanmugan Thiruvandhadhi 

In order to make my heart fall for You, You used TAMIL as the seed.  I dont 
remember the whole pasuram  though, 

This refers to visit to India of Sri Anbil Ramaswamy. Since this may be useful 
to everyone I thought I will post it.     

Thirunarayana Puram (Melkottai)
                We know that SriRamanujar 's close connection to  this Sthalam 
. We know that SriRamanuja went to Delhi and called   "Varai  Chella Pillai !"  
and the Lord came to him.     After coming back he had written a detailed note 
of how this Emberuman is like a small new  born child and how we have to handle 
HIM like a tender baby and all the outpourings of Sri Ramanuja.  This OOlai 
Chuvadi is signed 
by SRI RAMANUJAN    On seeing  that I could not believe what ever the JEEYAR 
was explaining after that  Words cannot explain the feelings  that we could 
even get to see the HAND WRIITEN  Chuvadi of  SRI RAMANUJA after about 900 and  
odd years.  
It is available in Sri Ehiraja Jeeyar Swami Mutt in Melkote.   If any one 
happens to visit you may keep this in mind. I had theDashan of this on the day 
of Vairamudi Sevai  on Feb 18 ,1986.   (month of Maasi ).  This has become more 
valuble to me somehow.  I felt as if I had met Sri Ramanujar in person and that 
is not surprising since ManavalaMamuni says 
                                         Alwargal thangal avatharitha 
                                         Vashvana Naal namakku  
Alwars  are great no doubt, But for us  Sri Ramanuja is the only WAY. 

Incidentally   the Nanmugan Thiruvandhadhi above is the one that is being 
chanted for Vairamudi Sevai. And do you know why all the Prabhais for most 
Perumals just adorn the Lord above his kreetam and only in Melkote 
VairamudiSevai the Prabhai is just open both sides and you can see the Vaira 
Mudi from the top if you are flying for instance. The reason is this Sevai is 
so important that all the Devas including Devendra comes to worship  this Lord 
it seems and to aid this the Prabhai is not covering the Lord's Kreetam as