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thiru allik kENi

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 10:57:21 PST

Dear Sri Sampath Rengi,
	Thanks for ur excellent posts on my abhimaana dhivya dhEsam. It was
	very informative and emotional. I felt like being close to the
	uthsavar and "drinking in" his matchless beauty. One can never take
	his/her eyes off His thirumuga maNdalam. 

	My uncle and many other relatives live right there enjoying His
	dharisanam to their hearts' content. To them He is one of their
	beloved children at home and all the uthsavams are like some
	function at their homes.  It is really a great experience to see
	the sense of ownership and participation of the thirvallikkENi'ites
	during the uthsavams.. I miss it a lot. SR's postings brought back
	some nostalgic memories....Thanks again.

	If anybody plans to visit this temple, it would be an unique
	experience to go with my uncle. He very much enjoys explaining
	people about all aspects of the temple with intense devotion. He
	just loves to do it. 

	Thanks again SR,

	Best Regards,