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Thiru allik kENi - part 1 - viLainthaay maaLigaiyE

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 06:39:29 PST

Dear bAgawathALs,

I  am attempting to light one more lamp to glorify  the
pugazh  of  our Lord by my little efforts to  write  on
thiru  allik  kENi. I was requested  by  our  respected
Sriman  Sudarshan who is a chennai vaasi  to  write  on
this  kshEthram. I was encouraged by him and  Sri  Viji
Triplicane. I had a consultaion with the ardent devotee
of  Lord  Parthsarathy Smt Vaidehi on 2 fine points.
The following posts are from my extensive collection of
details on this kshEthram, personal experiences,  study
of  azwaar  paasurams and azwaar charithrams and  above
all  God's  blessings. I pray to Lord  Parthsarathy  to
keep  showing HIS divine eyes for ever. ie  Even  after
this  vin  (sky) and maN (earth) and kaaRRu  (air)  are
vanished.  Unlike other kshethra purANams, I am starting
this  one with my own small poem (pAsuram) on Lord pArthsarathy that
I  wrote  due to my personal anubhvam with this  Lord. I
seek  the  forgivenss of Srimans Sudarshan,  Viji,  Smt
Vaidehi and other chennai vaasis and ardent devotees of
Lord   Parthasarathy  if  I  hvae  ommitted  any  major

Thiru allik kENi - Part 1 - viLainthaay maaLigayE

You gave (me and) the entire universe your charaNagathith
thuvam  as geethaacchaaryan. By doing so you will  also
destroy this cycle of births and deaths, you the aim of

kaNNa,  (not  kaNNA), you must give me the thought  and
the  sight of your divine eyes even during the time  we
pass this world and reach you and such divine sight  of
your  eyes  be  my guiding light (similar  to  a  light

You  have made me loose my interest in my youthful  and
tender  poetic  skills on lowkeeka vishayaas  that  are
similar to a hut made of wet sand.

By being in thiru arangam you made me write on you and such
writing i ssimilar to the tall and well built bangalows and palaces.

charaNa mozhinthen chenma mozhiyu maRai ilakkE
tharuNam kaNNa un Kan sErnthEn kaRai viLakkE
mannavan iLanthamizh kaLainthaay mankudisaiyE
thennavan thiru arangan viLainthaay maaLigaiyE
                              Sampath Rengarajan

Sri Rukmini thayaar samEtha Sri ParthasArathy perumAL thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan