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Thiru naRaiyoor - thirumangaiyin thriumEniyaam ith thirumaal - Part 3C

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Mar 31 1996 - 09:50:10 PST

Thiru mangai also delivered few classic paasurams for this Lord of
NaRaiyoor the vyuuka vaasudEvan of which most important is his
identification of this Lord as the body or chEthann of a prapannan. I
urge the readers to recap this post with the previous article written
by me as "chEthanan, soul and prakrithi" of aazwaar. There are
references to the three layers of our perception of Lord from various
paasurams of 4000 that our aazhwaars conceive their three layers as
Arangan as prakrithi and Amuthan as soul and this Lord as the body.
One such paasuram that supports that claim on this Lord is

paNNIn mozhi yaazh narambil peRRa
paalai yaaki inkE pugunthu en
kaNNUm nenchum vaayum idan koNdaan
koNdapin maRai yOr manam thannuL
vinnu Laar perumaanai yemmaanai
veenku neer makaram thilakkum kadal
vaNNan maamaNI vaNNan emm aNNal
vaNNa mEyanRi vaayuraiyaathE

ie he is the paN or jeeva naadi.
He is the narambil peRRa paalai or
the kuNdalaini that supports the act of nerves.
He is my eyes and chest and mouth.

After realising this, the Lord who is in the hearts if the of all dEvaas who
chant the vedaas, as their Lord, and the one HE who bears the color of the
ocean where the makaram or capricorn lives, and my great beloved Lord I will
not speak anything other than your divine charecters. (Please note that aahwaar
himself was having his color as his name ie "Neelan"). May be it is true that I
who adored the beauty of Arangan and Amuthan and Oppiliappan, analytically also
concede that it is 100 % true that being charecterised as "THE thirumEni" of
which the soul is Amuthan and the antharyaamim and Param is Arangan, such body
in ninRa kOlam may be the best looking body of all the 108 DD's. ie naRaiyoor
ninRa nambi's pErazhagu.

He also praise him in a rare reference to his "parasuraamar avathaaram"

muniyaay vanthu moovezhu kaal
mudi sEr mannar udal thuNiya
thanivaay mazhuvin padaiyaaNda
thaaraar thOLaan vaar puravil
pavi sEr mullai pallarumbap
paanal orupaal kaNkaatta
nanisEr kamalam mukankaattum
naRaiyoor ninRa nambiyE

In another paasuram He also refers to the chOlan who built 70 temples
for Lord shivaa and then later adapted srivaishnavam and served this
Lord with great devotion as

murukkilangu kaniththuvar vaayp pinnai kELvan
manna nellaam munnaviyach chenRu, venRich
serukkaLaththu thiraLariyach cheRRa vEnthan
siranthu Niththaan thiruvadi num senni vaippeer
irukkilangu "thirumozhi" "vaayeNdOL" "eesarkku"
"ezhil maadam ezhubathum" seythu ulaka maaNda
thiruk kulaththu vaLach chOzhan sErntha" kOyil
thiru naRaiyoor maNimaadam sErminkaLE

The beauty is that cholan kOchchenGaN won his kingdom back from the
invadors using the thiru vaaL that he got into his hands when he was
bathing in maNi muththaa river as advised by the rishis (the rishis of
maNimuththaa river ashram told him that if prayed to this Lord of
NaRaiyoor HE will pave the way for his regaining the kingdom and as
told by them the Lord gave him HIS holy sword. This was stated by my
earlier post with the reference from paasuram of aazwaar. The unique
comaparison of the paraakramam the weapons of Lord is such that this
sword one time it helped the kochchenGan to ragain his kingdom and on
the other, his bow known as saaranagam re incarnated as neelan thiru
mangai aazwaar and regained the faith in Srivishnavam using sharply
worded paasurams and service.

saarngaazhwaar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri vanjuka vaLLIth thaayaar samEthara neelamEni maNivaNNan naRaiyoor
ninRa nambi thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan