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Final Posting on Ratnangi Kaimkaryam For Sri Oppiliappan

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Mar 30 1996 - 18:26:32 PST

Dear and respected Members of the Prapatti Group :

I want to give a status report on the contributions
 and commitements so far from the members of 
our group for the Ratnangi Kaimkaryam .

A .Eighteen members have expressed interest in
participating in this rare opportunity to take part 
in this Kaimkaryam. Alphabetical list of eight
 Bhakthas of  Sri Oppiliappan who have sent me
or Sri Jaganath checks already  totalling $ 488 are:

Messers V.Govindarajan,Srini Kuttalam,  M. Rangaswamy ,
S.Ramanujam , S.Srinivasan of Seattle, Cidambi Srinivasan,
Vijay Triplicane and Varadhan of Denver . My sincere thanks to
them all .

The following 8  Bhakthas have advised either myself or
Sri Sampath Rengarajan about their interest in participating
in this once-in-one"s life time to complete the Makutam 
of the Lord  in alphabetical listing are:

Messers P.Dileepan of TN ,  B.Jaganath of Va, Krishna
Kalale of CA, V.Mani of CA, S.Rama Prasad of NY($51),
 Sudarsan Rangarajan , Vijay Srinivasan of NY and  
Mrs Nagu satyan of Colorado($108 ). My thanks in advance to 
them all ! 

Since the Ratnangi Committtee needs the support soon, 
Both Sri Sampath Rengarajan and myself will wait unitl 
Friday , April 12 and collect any other contributions and then
split between ourselves , whatever is needed to make 
up the difference to build up the $1,800 needed .I will
mail asum of $1,800  on Monday, April 15 to India. 
By copy of this note, I am requesting Sri Jaganath to keep me
and Sri S.Rengarajan posted on any contributions that 
the members might like to route thru him. My address is :
Apt 6B-1, Scarborough Manor
Scarborough , NY 10510.

I will be happy to include the amounts sent by any one of you
and forward it to Sri Oppiliappan Ratnangi Kaimkarya Committee
and have Receipts and Prasadams sent to you .

I will be away from April 15 to 30 In Europe and I will be happy to
take care of this transmittal before I leave on this business trip.

May Sri Bhoomi Devi sametha Sri Oppiliappan"s blessings
be with you All ,